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Well ah hear that the BEVERLEY ADMINISTRATION is in TOTAL CHAOS!!!

Now, over the years, as much as everybody hates me on THIS FORUM, I have developed some very RELIABLE SOURCES down in THE MECCA -- who feed me with REAL FACTUAL NEWS!!!

And the word on the ground is that the BEVERLEY-LED ADMINISTRATION is in TOTAL CHAOS!!!

Now, Cecil Hinkson will suddenly call this report "DISRESPECTFUL" but I don't make the news -- I just report it!!!

This is so ironic because, based on my own analysis this morning, I was reading my limited EXPAT HAND and seeing some TELLS which led me to define FORESHADOWING. And based on the story line -- without details all filled in and just based on the silence of a woman who like to boast the most -- I was forced to suspect  that something was NOT KOSHER!!!

MAN RAT having a real hard time TAKING ORDERS from a HIGH-HANDED woman from TOBAGO.

If ah lie ah die!!!

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