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Well ah man from PORT-OF-SPAIN call me quite where I live to ask me if I hear how BEVERLEY abusing the PAN TRINBAGO CONSTITUTION

I ask THE MAN -- why he calling me. I living  QUITE OUT QUITE WAY OUT and I don't have a DAY TO DAY understanding about the PAN TRINBAGO POLITICS. And, furthermore, my primary interest is GLOBAL PAN MUSIC.

Yet the man pushing me to START A TOPIC on how BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE worse than DONALD TRUMP when it comes to CONSTITUTIONAL ABUSE.

According to the caller: The man who write THE PAN TRINBAGO CONSTITUTION  was on some radio program on WACK spilling THE BEANS on BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE and her ABUSE OF POWER.

What does really bother me is that I don't have to wait AH WHOLE YEAR in the SUNSHINE to light a candle in the dark to see what a DISHONEST DEALING POLITICAL SHYSTER that BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE really is.

But what bothers me the most is how all the BACKWARD PAN SUPPORTERS on these GLOBAL PAN FORUMS are supporting this woman with all her LIES and DECEPTIONS.

Look, I give up on TRINIDAD PAN. Ah trying to get ah WUK with GUYANA PAN. So since I love CALYPSO so much and this is CALYPSO HISTORY MONTH -- ah have ah SPECIAL CALYPSO to deal with THIS SITUATION!!!

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Pal give the woman a chance nah.

She making some mistake.

and some violation of the constitution are really happening at the moment. 

but it is unintentional I believe.  


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