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Well all the BOOGSIE FANS are dreaming the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, but as they like to say in AMERICAN SPORTS -- WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR!!!

CECIL HINKSON still LIVING IN THE PAST with the BOOGSIE is ah GENIUS TING ... hoping beyond hope that by some miracle


or do ah little coke

or too much methamphetamine

and give BOOGSIE the win ...

Even Patrick and Mercrer, both ah dem still on that BOOGSIE BOAT trying to bring back PAST GLORY. But the PANORAMA is simply coming down to TWO BANDS: RENEGADES and MASSY ALL STARS. And when the judges finish TALLY -- DUVONE STEWART will be the CLEAR WINNER. If BOOGSIE make it as high as THIRD -- you all could consider that a WIN!!!

Allyuh have to WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR to start that story again!!!

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We running the story this year.

Cecil: Ah going and flip the coin and see life through the lens of you and BOOGSIE for a minute.

Ah see BOOGSIE people complaining that this song is not getting any AIR PLAY (or enough AIR PLAY) putting him at a DISADVANTAGE in the PANORAMA.

Now I know how BIG BOOGSIE is in the culture and how much people he knows and you who want to say they know him and what an ICON he is THE PAN WORLD IN TRINIDAD. So to think that a man at that CULTURAL HEIGHT  of the society cannot even get his song played on the radio (even PITY PLAY) tells you a whole lot about the hypocrisy of the society.

And if something was to happen to BOOGSIE today or tomorrow -- all dem same DEE JAYS will be quick to put up his music and start playing it and telling the how wonderful his music is ... ah sure yuh know what ah mean. That is a very cruel society at heart, boy.

Okay, ah going back on meh other side of the coin!!! But if his fans did really love him so much they could have been calling up the RADIO STATIONS and harassing them and BULLYING them into giving the song some AIR PLAY -- but dem is FAIR WEATHER FANS and FANS in name only -- NOT IN ACTION.

Hey, ah see ROWLEY demanding that THE CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER should drop VISA REQUIREMENTS for TRINIDADIANS entering CANADA. Like yuh be getting ah set ah NEW NEIGHBORS soon, boy. Yuh might have to move SOUTH of yuh BORDER. But if yuh coming down here make sure to bring ah SPANISH DICTIONARY because we had ah OPEN BORDER like that down here and ... well yuh know what happen ... we end up with TRUMP as PRESIDENT!!!

Ah go try to listen to BOOGSIE on SATURDAY!!!

Most songs played on a radio station is pre recorded or taped and played in a loop, so callin and tellin them wah yuh want to hear is ah waste of time, they probably don't even have a DJ. Canada would not budge with that VISA requirement.


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