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Well BEVERLEY have all her lackeys out there now BEGGING ROWLEY FOR A MINISTRY OF PAN thinking that they will put her in charge ... but ONE REASONABLE FELLAH just expose them

Christobal Copeland said:  ..isn't that the same Government that pumped millions into Pantrinbago over yrs ..also gave them money and LAND to put up a Headquarters..now folks are dissing that same Government..?... Maybe the Government should hold back funds for 2020..let's see what would transpire.

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Claude:  That would surely set the cats amongst the pigeons ...

BEVERLEY WILL DO THE JOB, as good as any and better than many. The next couple of years should be interesting.

Cecil: If she accomplished NOTHING in the first year -- yuh suddenly think that she will be a STAR PERFORMER in the NEXT TWO.

Yuh waiting til night come to light candle to see thing that yuh could see IN BRIGHT SUNSHINE right now!!!

Beverley is the leader of the pan movement until the next election, there is nothing anyone can do about this. like it or not.

Cecil: Yuh always had ah GOOD MEMORY and i respect you for that. But like yuh going JOE BIDEN on me or what?

Guardian Jan 4, 2017:

Calls for Pan Trinbago executive to quit: Panmen call on PM to intervene

Read More

You can't compare Beverley time in office to Diaz, I too doh like the Pan in Tobago ting but since everything is ah go, I'm willing to sit back and watch. If we are hostile to PT in the forum we can kiss all communication goodbye.  America allow TRUMP to do his ting for a full term, I don't see why we can't allow Beverley the same courtesy.

"America allow TRUMP to do his ting for a full term, I don't see why we can't allow Beverley the same courtesy."

Yuh mean Putin's puppet, at least Beverley is no ones puppet...

Woman is Boss

  • "If we are hostile to PT in the forum we can kiss all communication goodbye."

                   Diplomacy Boy!

  • All Tobagonian Politicians not aligned with the PNM trying hard to be a UNC puppet  in 2020 odw.


Scary eh?...

Election done, being an INFORMED/INDEPENDENT voter is a requirement when choosing a LEADER.

Not into the Diplomacy business. I call a spade a spade. You elect me as your LEADER and you know what's at stake, when time come to evaluate my performance you have the right to FIRE me.

Not in condemnation of open communication, I welcome opinions pro and con.

The BUCK STOPS with me. Rules of engagement, who's the BOSS?, who vex LOSS. 

A Cultural organization versus a Business operation, political dynamics are always at play, alliances are for those who need cover. Do something for PAN.


C.I.A. Informant Extracted From Russia Had Sent Secrets to U.S. for Decades

The Moscow informant was instrumental to the C.I.A.’s most explosive conclusion about Russia’s interference campaign: that President Vladimir V. Putin ordered and orchestrated it himself. As the American government’s best insight into the thinking of and orders from Mr. Putin, the source was also key to the C.I.A.’s assessment that he affirmatively favored Donald J. Trump’s election and personally ordered the hacking of the Democratic National Committee.



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