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Well I thought that I HAD ENJOYED LIFE!!! But now I know that I did not even know what ENJOYING LIFE was ALL ABOUT until the AUGUST PAN MONTH (2019) ... Ah want to BAWL!!!

For over FORTY YEARS (40 long years +++) whenever i speak "MY TRUTH" about PAN I was ostracized. Out here in the SF BAY AREA -- they call me a TRAITOR for not PRAISING PAN as the GREATEST INSTRUMENT EVER INVENTED BY GOD.

And then I came on THIS FORUM and SPOKE MY TRUTH -- well that was REAL BACCHANAL. Because OPPOSING VIEWS were not WELCOME.

But it did not matter to me, because I live my WHOLE LIFE without ever HAVING A HERO. (Allyuh should figure what that implies -- psychologically!!!)

Anyway, PAN MONTH 2019 arrive and I am expecting to SINGULARLY PROCEED in my BATTLE to open the eyes of TRINI PAN LOVERS -- even though I considered it a FAILED EFFORT.

And out of THE BLUES, JUST LIKE THAT -- ALL KINDA MARK start to BUS ON THE PAN SCENE. Now I eh really rejoicing, eh. But when ah weight come off yuh back -- ah weight come off yuh back. So you have to be a LITTLE HAPPY.

In the meantime, I have to admit that I have been a CONSTANT CRITIC of DOCTOR DOLLY in her HANDLING of the PAN TRINBAGO CORRUPTION under KEITH DIAZ and RICHARD FORTEAU. And people are free to call me on that -- unless they understand COMPARTMENTALIZATION.

(Look, ah using big words like RUSSELL PROVIDENCE!!! Sometimes ah does get too PARENTHETICAL ... ah know that; but that is me!!!)

Anyway, leh meh stop tripping over my EXPRESSION and continue with the MAIN POINT!!!

All of a SUDDEN, this AUGUST MONTH 2019 -- PAN TRUMPS start to fall in my FAVOUR ... after all these years in PAN BONDAGE.

Of all the people in the world, the last person I ever expected to take me out of the WILDERNESS OF PAN was THE RIGHT HONOURABLE DOCTOR DOLLY NYAM GADSBY (sorry if I mixed up the order of the names).

And with that, 99% of the PAN SUPPORTERS  in the world start CUSSING OUT THE DOLLY. Now I know that I seem to be MIXING EVERYTHING UP like a CALLALOO here ... but it is either you GET IT or YOU DON'T. Because I put plenty time and energy and thought and money into promoting PAN for decades -- so I feel entitled to an OPINION.

Next thing you know, BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE fell FLAT ON HER FACE with the TOBAGO PANORAMA THING. Well, I don't have to tell allyuh: I TOLD YOU SO ABOUT BEVERLEY.

And then (today) the ANTIGUA MARK BUS on THE TASPO PAN TING. I will not go further on that, for now.

So when EVERYBODY thought that I was an IRRATIONAL CRITIC of the PAN WORLD -- DOCTOR DOLLY came to my RESCUE after 40-plus years. I don't know how to THANK THAT LADY!!!

I hold myself as a GLOBAL STANDARD OF OBJECTIVITY in PAN MUSIC and I truly think that people like BEVERLEY and BERTEL GITTENS and MARCUS ASH should be calling me for ADVICE on TAKING THIS PAN TING GLOBAL.

But I know better than THAT!!! The LIGHT that DOCTOR DOLLY just SHINE ON DEM will only SHINE SO LONG because it is almost PANORAMA TIME AGAIN.

However, I will always remember PAN MONTH 2019 for MY REDEMPTION!!!


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Claude:  Stop with the taster about Antigua and TASPO .... I'm salivating as we "speak" ...

Claude:  I have now read up on the history of Antigua and TAPSO so all is well


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