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Well if KENDALL WILLIAMS cannot win BROOKLYN PANORAMA 2019 -- then he should not waste time going to TRINIDAD or TOBAGO for PANORAMA 2020!!!

I like this guy as an ARRANGER!!! I like how he keeps THE CALYPSO in THE MUSIC. But if he cannot win this 2019 NEW YORK PANORAMA he might as well STAY HOME for PANORAMA 2020 and record some GLOBAL PAN MUSIC in NEW YORK.

We know that he CANNOT beat DUVONE in MEDIUM in TOBAGO -- well, NOT EVEN IN TRINIDAD. (RP say it eh having NO PANORAMA in TOBAGO!!!)

And DUVONE done gone THREE IN A ROW in LARGE. Ah sure CHRISTIANS could find that already written in the BIBLE somewhere. But at least he should go down to TRINIDAD with some credentials as BROOKLYN PANORAMA CHAMPION 2019.

RAY HOLMAN release ah NEW CD and THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER mailed me a copy -- ah getting famous in meh OLD AGE!!! Ah going and listen to it!!!

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New York panorama is not easy to win.

Cecil: If you cannot beat SIX STEELBANDS (ah leaving out the PHILLY BAND) in NEW YORK -- how yuh expect to go down to THE MECCA OF THE STEELBAND and beat all DEM REAL STEELBANDS.

Boy the NEW YORK PANORAMA and the PAN ON D AVENUE going and CLASH -- ah doh know which one to look at!!!


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