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Well is years now I am on THIS FORUM asking "WHERE IS THE MUSIC? WHERE IS THE MUSIC?" and just so yesterday ah find AN EXAMPLE of what I expect in GLOBAL PAN MUSIC ...

... but it is NOT JUST THE MUSIC!!! It is the DISTINGUISHED CHARACTER that THE MUSICIAN brings to the WHOLE PRESENTATION. And I am sure that ENGLISH is this man's SECOND LANGUAGE. So imagine his GLOBAL POTENTIAL if he ever runs in to the RIGHT AGENT.

I keep talking about THE WHOLE PACKAGE but allyuh will not understand that!!!

I see where he is going with the CONTENT and the subtle (not so subtle) messaging about the versatility of the instrument. But if I had to advise a YOUNG TRINI PAN STAR -- I would not build my repertoire around that message. As RAF ROBERTSON SAID: If it has 12 notes it is a musical instrument -- save all the OLE TALK and the SALES PITCH and just PLAY THE MUSIC.

As much as I criticize the PAN TING -- just like EMILE STRAKER knew that there was a GLOBAL MARKET FOR CALYPSO ... I know that there is a GLOBAL MARKET for THE SOLO PANNIST as demonstrated by THIS PAN VIRTUOSO. But -- again -- it goes beyond just PLAYING THE PAN.

Imagine if WILSON JEAN-BAPTISTE comes out to SAN FRANCISCO and they put a LOCAL BAND behind him with some MEXICAN and R&B and JAZZ HORNS adorning THE PAN -- ah swear to god I will get a HEART ATTACK in the middle of the show and DIE. But what a way to go!!!

In less than 15 hours, I have listened to this video FIVE TIMES. So if anybody on THIS FORUM could put up ONE PIECE of EQUIVALENT PAN MUSIC that I could listen to ONCE in its entirety -- I will be all set for the SERIES OPENER TONIGHT when PODONK PORTLAND comes to TOWN!!!

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  • Claude,

This music was everything you described and more.   I can see why you played it so many times.   I will also, but I had to stop to commend you on your suggestion.

I have a lot of comments to make but not at this time.   Let me hear from our 19,000 members.   Boi oh boi  that would be interesting.

Brenda H.

They live in different worlds from us, Brenda. Although you and I have never had a conversation on this topic -- based on our common experience of investing time and energy and money into the PAN PROMOTION THING while sitting on the sidelines and observing ... we have developed a different vision and appreciation when we look at the GLOBAL PAN POSSIBILITIES.

But, at heart, I think that the LOCALS are scared to see themselves as MAJOR PERFORMING GLOBAL ARTISTES -- successful commercial music entities. They would rather sit and wait for some FOREIGN MINISTRY OF CULTURE to call them for a specific performance and that fills their cup. Ambition is made of sterner stuff!!!

And it takes a certain CHARACTER which is what I keep trying to explain. It is not just about PLAYING THE PAN.

That man above is the ESSENCE of THE GLOBAL PAN ARTISTE!!!

 they staying in the panorama music, we thing, 

 its the musici that gets you exporure,         music that is listening to the ear, instead of panorama thich is limithed only to the caribean,



Wilson Jean-Baptiste brings his island vibe music to Sandpiper's Cove Restaurant and Bar in North Palm Beach.


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