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Well it look as if all the CORRUPTION and BAND HOPPING in Pan Trinbago and the Panorama come home to roost. People cussing Steelband Man all over Trinidad

Starting with Beverley calling the PAN PLAYERS hustlers. And then the 60 million taxpayer dollars that disappear. And how GYPSY and BEVERLEY say no more PAY for the PAN PLAYERS and now Petrotrin come and cut out about 23 steelbands from the dependency list -- is NO SYMPATHY for PAN PLAYERS.

All over town is the same CRY today: Man in the street complaining how Petrotrin fire hard working people and leave them UNEMPLOYED with family to mind and mortgage and car note to pay and then give money to all dem lazy steelband man and woman who only liming dey life away night and day and then looking for handout from the Government and Petrotrin. So locals actually celebrating the Petrotrin action against the 23 steelbands.

It look like when Beverley call she own players HUSTLERS and GYPSY (a performer who doh sing for free) refuse to pay them any money for 2018/2019/2020 that set the stage for people all over the land and these internet sites to start CRYING DOWN the PAN PLAYERS.

But ah still say that PAN PLAYERS have a big TRUMP CARD they could drop on TRINIDAD starting with this 2019 PANORAMA. And if they ever get a good leader (ah 2019 leader like AMAR or VALENTINE or DUPREY) they could show the world dey real TALENT like Andy Narell and Jonathan Scales and Victor Provost.

All they need is THE RIGHT LEADERSHIP!!!

So I supporting the PAN PLAYERS all the way to the end!!!

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Me too.  In this day and age, no pan player should be playing for free while everyone around them is getting paid!


I honestly believe no money for pan players will produce more desirable music in the future for panorama competition. It was a luxury to play for a band many years ago, a stipend was appreciated. Today, semi finals panorama almost all supporters miss the medium band category but fill the stands just before the large band category. Many hours from the start to the end of the medium band category, was a total waste of time, money, and crappy music. I agree cut the fat out. Let all who want money for pan, do so during the rest of the year by creating a quality product to earn their employment.

Patrick.......dat is what i call pure stupid Talk....Clearly you are out of tune and singing in de wrong key....Jeezanges....Stupidity have no limits it seems....Cut de fat out!!.....Really....doh be on Medium Pal...be on all of us...One movement One Sound

Well please show me where the money coming from? Taxpayers again Gregory Lindsay? To me  One movement One sound = dependency syndrome. I was also waiting for some young pan player, to release ah jamming parang for the 2018 Christmas season. Ah still waiting. On panorama 2019, I expect the same old music and mediocre arrangements from most medium bands. 


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