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Well Sharmain Baboolal flowcharted the PANTRINBAGO MEETING today; so ah waiting to see how things match up!!!

"When Pan Trinbago hosts an Extra Ordinary meeting on Sunday to discuss plans for the 2019 Panorama season- as much as the new executive may be better prepared because they are challenged to be so or die a painful death, it will be the same old.

Because even from the floor the people who are likely to speak will get all emotional- and they would be the same voices dating back to that fateful meeting on January 1st 2017 which started the ball rolling to move the former President Keith Diaz out of office.

With that accomplished, some of the voices will now have to speak louder because they realize that the more things seem to change the more they remain the same.

But will they speak louder, saying the same things over and again or bring food for the trough, or fuel for the fire?"

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Anybody have any WORD from the meeting?

Ah cyar take the tension

Is too much to mention

Somebody: Give me an UPDATE, please!!!

When KEITH DIAZ was the PRESIDENT, ah use to have people IN THE MEETING emailing  me in REAL TIME. But when BEVERLEY take over, she tell ALL MAN JACK that if they share any INFORMATION with Claude Gonzales -- she cutting dem out of the GIMME GIMME gravy train.

So all meh sources DRY UP. Allyuh think is only PAN PLAYERS alone under pressure from BEVERLEY?

Is ah good thing we living in a "make yuh own news" era (aka: FAKE NEWS)!!! So if them fellahs refuse to share any information with me -- ah going into HOLLYWOOD MODE and create my own DRAMATIZATION.


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