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Well the MINISTER OF CULTURE cannot FIX PAN TRINBAGO; and the HIGHEST JUDGES in the land giving FUTILE advice to PAN TRINBAGO; and THE CIP got BULLIED into SILENCE!!!

So it look as if PAN PROGRESS in THE MECCA is a PIPE DREAM. It is good to see THE BIG 5 coming back to life performance-wise. I am curious to see the CONTENT of this next production; personally, I am hoping that it is more AUTHENTIC TRINIDAD.

Maybe (just maybe) a group of RUSSELL PROVIDENCE ELECTEES could coalesce around the BIG 5 and find ways to lift the movement administratively away from the PAN TRINBAGO gutter.

Hundreds of thousands of PAN LOVERS around the world living in hope of PAN PROGRESS and dying in despair as the PAN TRINBAGO CRISIS deepens.

When I look at the resolve and desperation embedded in the PAN TRINBAGO PSYCHE of FORTEAU and SHEPPARD and JOSEPH -- I cannot see ANYBODY moving them out of office in 2018.

A man did come and say (on this forum) that FORTEAU was actually the POLITICAL BRAIN behind KEITH DIAZ. That man was right!!! (So I have to apologize for calling Keith Diaz THE GREATEST POLITICIAN IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.)

DOLLY did the audit and that was the end of that!!! The judges close the case (hands off)!!! And THE CIP gone SILENT after all the promises made and the bacchanal started.

Where is THE CIP ENFORCER who branded himself a revolutionary?


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You know i just wrote an article entitled " Where is the C.I.P".

Mr. Claude what do they say? Great minds think alike. lol.

So i will have an answer to that question once the article is approved by our members. 


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