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WELL, the problem is that ONLY ONE BAND COULD WIN. And then we GRUMBLE and move on to PANORAMA 2021

Ten days later if you turn on the radio here in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA you will hear the LOCAL FOOTBALL FANS still blaming the REFEREES for missing some FLAGRANT FOULS.

Meanwhile the PARADE done PASS in KANSAS CITY!!!

So on SUNDAY NIGHT when the JUDGES give TOBAGO BANDS the FIRST PRIZE and the THIRD PRIZE -- I living with that!!!

And the following SATURDAY when the JUDGES give DUVONE the FIRST PRIZE -- I living with that. Although SHARMAIN BABOOLAL put some real pressure on me and almost make me believe that ROWLEY hook up the win for EXODUS. Now, I did done say that is no way BEVERELY was ever going to give EXODUS a win after last year's bacchanal.

But the TOBAGO HOSTING of the MEDIUM BAND did not come easy ... so BEVERLEY may have been forced to make some political compromises. Ah did tell allyuh that ROWLEY give BEVERLEY an UNLIMITED BUDGET for the TOBAGO PANORAMA -- SHARMAIN come and tell allyuh the SAME STORY (in slightly different words) so meh sources was right.

merrytonestothebone try to explain to allyuh that the WHOLE PANORAMA is nothing but a CORRUPTION from CRACKSHOTS to FIXED JUDGING to POLITICAL INTERVENTION -- but allyuh GANG UP on the man and almost give him a CONCUSSION.

As I said before: GIVE THE WIN TO DUVONE for the sake of GLOBAL PAN. This HAT TRICK will raise his STOCK in the GLOBAL WORLD OF PAN ... and we need a face out there until the TRINIDAD MESSIAH OF PAN ARRIVES.

I heard an interview with BJ MARCELLE after one of his performances (on Sunday) and he said almost in a metaphysical way: It is time for me to take a title with all these young arrangers on the scene -- time is running out.

The sincerity of his comment really moved me (for whatever reason) so I feel like he is ordained to get a title (this year) either in TOBAGO or TRINIDAD. And politically a TOBAGO BAND has to win this HISTORIC PANORAMA in TOBAGO.

Personally, unless the  PANORAMA BANDS play THE CALYPSO in CALYPSO -- I cyar judge what they are playing. And I eh hear ONE BAND in this ALL YEAR PANORAMA play ONE CALYPSO IN CALYPSO as yet. So me eh vex with the JUDGES -- I VEX with the ARRANGERS!!!

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No band without canopies can win a Panorama. It is simply a sonic and psychological issue. Without the canopies the band lacks an imposing visual. There is no rocking or dancing of the stands. Just look at All Stars guitar stand dance with the music. Look at Desperadoes float. It looks like it is ready to take off. A band without canopies does not belong on the Savannah stage. They belong in Carnegie Hall. Yes, it suppose to be about music --- BUT

And I will say it again for the ONE THOUSAND and ONE time, canopies affects the sound of the band.


There are 3 certainties in life.

Death, Taxes, and Change

BTW.....what's an example of playing a calypso in calypso?

panrebel: I really want to answer. But I took a VERY PROFOUND VIEW of YOUR QUESTION. And one of my BIGGEST ISSUES EVER has been MY RESENTMENT of the "GIVE ME ONE EXAMPLE TERM ...which I have confronted in my BROADER LIFE EXPERIENCE!!!"

Don't think that I am BACKING OUT because I respect CIVIL DISCOURSE.

So I WILL GIVE YOU AN HONEST RESPONSE -- as time goes by!!!

As much as I like COMEDY, I could give you a relevant JOKE on that QUESTION.

So check back from time to time ... you will get your answer!!!

Fair enough.  Respeck

pan rebel: Hope this helps, Claude, being Claude...


I'll leave it up to him for further explaination.

Reply by Claude Gonzales on February 8, 2020 at 11:14 am

odw: Thanks for putting up THIS VIDEO.

DUVONE just give a WHOLE FREE lecture on ARRANGING A CALYPSO in this ONE VIDEO!!!





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