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I have observed over the years two things on this site,

1st Panorama time is when it come alive

2nd not many members are willing to add a discussion.

Pan Times is doing an excellent job keeping us informed about all that's happening in the pan world, but we can be so much better if members contribute topics for discussion.

I know for sure that all the ole pan stories have not been told and Diaz and his gang is still running things, there are so many things to talk about, where should we start?

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I would start by saying that seven months has passed and NO election. We want the executive of PanTrinbago know that what we  have now is a DICTATORSHIP and it is not acceptable to pan people.

Cecil, they are gangsters in a gangster paradise.. If Salah had not complained, they would never have given the panorama players their stipends.


Pan times is doing very good to post alot of stuff happening in the steelpan world around the globe. Up to a year or 2 ago I was more active in discussions and even started a couple myself, as a matter of fact I had a discussion up to about a month ago about my father Vernon 'Birdie' Mannette being the first panman to compose a tune for the steelband. Nevertheless, I stopped taking part in discussions as I found that certain members were stooping to levels so low that I didn't want to be part of it; the name calling and derogatory comments made by people were just foolish and useless and did nothing to promote the steelpan or take the instrument further, so I choose not to be part of it. If you look carefully, this site has so many members, yet only certain people respond or post stuff and if you notice, most of the younger members do not participate in discussions because they have no time for that, they are either busy arranging, performing, teaching, taking part in workshops, attending university or pan tuning courses. We will continue to do what we do to take the instrument forward and be accepted all over the world and even in Trinidad.

Barry, because others choose to be disrespectful should not stop you or anyone from posting,promoting,participating on topics on this site, as a matter of fact, you should use the opportunity to let them know they are disrespectful not only to the members on this site but also all the efforts to promote our National Instrument.

I am aware that most people/members feel intimidated to post topics, or even participate in discussions here. Barry, you can help them by continuing to post and participate. Just look at it as a responsibility, coming from a family with a great legacy in Pan. BTW, I am still waiting on 'Birdies Mambo".

Thank you Bertel, and I have done that in the past. I have let people know through discussions in the past that their comments are distasteful and do nothing to help the steelpan whatsoever. I will continue to do as much as I can to promote steelpan and take the instrument forward. I'm still trying all avenues to find a recording of Birdie's Mambo but no success as yet.

Berry, I agree with everything Bertel said, don't let others stop you from having your say, we need your contribution.

To our young members don't leave out yourself, it's always better when you can mix it up with any and everyone. 


Hello Barry,

Congratulations on your recent academic achievements.

So, are you saying that you believe you have things you could contribute to the discussions but choose not because there are members who behave badly? A curious statement? Who loses by your lack of participation? In the presence of intelligent ideas, truth, thoughts, concepts and discussion -  knuckleheads cannot survive. 

The choice is yours. Confront and eliminate them now or be stepped on by them later.


Greetings to the entire pan family. a good place to start would be the Pan In Schools project which is in (dire strait)  suffering in the home  of Pan because of the short-sightedness / prejudice of some individuals in our Government .What is even more interesting is, I have not heard any  pronouncement from the world governing body of pan who is very much aware of the situation.  So while foreigners gravitate uncontrollably towards our unique instrument, especially in education, in the land of pan there are a number of schools where pans sit idly collecting dust. This is the plight of our National Instrument. Monsieur president say something, a lot of people are on the bread line.

This is another area where I agree with Salah Wilson who has been calling for a Ministry of steelpan for many years now. Pan in Schools project was a good project but I know that pantrinbago has little role to play in it as it is a Ministry of Education project and through my experience, I've also realized that it isn't important to the folks in that ministry either. We should have our own Ministry solely to deal with the steelpan.

Oscar] Mark Roberts, Pan in Schools sure is a good place to start. Most people in foreign assume this project was implemented already, this is a perfect example of why we should keep posting and re-posting topics on WST until it gets attension. All we can do on the site is talk about a subject, so we have to do just that and put the powers that be to shame and hope that they do the right thing

Cecil: You and Bertel Gittens were ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure that SOME WOMAN named BEVERLY from Tobago was going to takeover PAN TRINBAGO and MAKE EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT. Now that we give allyuh ah lesson in politics, yuh calling we a "DICTATORSHIP" ... ah have to make a phone call to MY LEADER DIAZ and tell him to come on this site and protect his image and administration from all the MAUVAIS LANGUE that goes for FACTS on WST.

Is at least 10,000 people line up to take that FREECO JOB that is PRESIDENT of PAN TRINBAGO and steal all the GREENS MONEY -- an idea that we (the current leadership) invented. But we smarter than that; if yuh think molasses does flow slow -- the Trinidad court system does flow  MUCH SLOWER than molasses.

So we eh no DICTATORSHIP; we just waiting like everybody else for the courts to rule on the cases. Meanwhile we have to take care of business and organize for the GREENS 2014 ... as you realize, Mr. Hinkson, with the massive profits from the GREENS we could pay the pan men their pittance and stay in power FOREVER.

Look how Obama use the IRS to win re-election ... so who is we?


Learn to play the game or sit on the sidelines and gripe!!!


Aye Claude,

Ah jumping ship, talk to yuh boss for meh, it look like the man have dem judge and dem in he hip pocket too...lol


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