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I have observed over the years two things on this site,

1st Panorama time is when it come alive

2nd not many members are willing to add a discussion.

Pan Times is doing an excellent job keeping us informed about all that's happening in the pan world, but we can be so much better if members contribute topics for discussion.

I know for sure that all the ole pan stories have not been told and Diaz and his gang is still running things, there are so many things to talk about, where should we start?

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Obama did no such thing. He never used the IRS to win an election. Sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut.  Empty vessels make the most noice


Is being so contemptuous towards the situation and workers in this movement so necessary right now. Can your utterances be validated and verified...We shall soon find out now shall we! Cause as sure as my name two things are happening 1. PTB President is reading this transmission before you and 2. either you or I will get a call PTB HQ....Who you think it going to be Claude Refrain from your emotive and harsh ill-spoken words (mauvais langue) et al...Stop Being a Bully!!!!...interalia: like the last CAL Board..every hog will have its Saturday.

Respectfully As otiose as this may sound please Rest assured we are all checked 10000 in and looking on about all of the things that you speak in your utterances of. President Diaz, Anthony McQulikin and other officers are on this forum. Sometimes the Secretary puts out some correspondence on dis forum...And as well Recall this brother

"the voice of the pan people shall be the voice of God and as that, we, as pan people; powers that you think that we may have (in matters as you say pending before the courts.as.the Trinidad court system does flow MUCH SLOWER than molasses), we actually don't and powers that you think we don't have we actually do; interalia: vigilance...You sounding like you living high off de Hog with HE the President. Time longer than twine and de longest rope always have an end ..so take stock and clip yuh lip and tell yuh boss report to de proletarians and minions about accounting for what you speak about, or let your leader who you seem to speak for /and on behalf of as Diaz through this medium pouring Gas on fire ...

Calm yuh self nah man...is MORE LOVE this year.....check yuhself......doh be roughing up my Jourvet Pardners Cecil & Bertel for their views.Information is always the key.....yuh outta place and outta timing like dat....because de President don't like when I start to vomit. Test me Claude and call my bluff and prove me wrong. 

Check this out..Ah man called Marc Gaskin from Ghana through a secondary contact of mine, wanted a band to go to Ghana ...What did I do? I call HE President Diaz, Executive Secretary (Ms. Brazil) get to her the information to call HE Diaz ..because as we all know the President of Pan Trinbago, doing business in that part of the world for the movement he as Leader is really better placed than I to deal with that. .Handle that scene brotherman.......is MORE LOVE dis year

Lindsay checking in here.

Hi Jacqueline and Lindsay, Claude is a true TRINI and is just being mischievous here. This is his way of showing us how OBSCENE and OBNOXIOUS the present Pan Trinbago administration is to Pan and the Pan Players of Trinidad and Tobago.Claude is on our side, so let him be and read between his lines. Claude, yuh good Boi!


Claude is just playing Devils Advocate but I have to admit that from the beginning he said that Diaz was going to tie up the opposition in the courts so now he's just rubbing it in.

Claude i believe you are making mockery of the president of Pantrinbago because no right thinking individual who loves pan will ever support the inefficiency,maladministration, wanton wastage and alleged corrupt practices of Diaz administration. I love pan so much that hardly miss pan events but i got very upset when i learn' t that Denise Hanendez was denied by pantrinbago executive because they claimed Neal and Massy All Stars was not a financial band. My best band not financial that make sense?  Pantrinbago owed them appearance fees and other monies in that same year yet they claimed the band not financial. Claude is that fear or is it wickedness in high places. Therefore the people had no choice but to seek justice in the courts.

The judge ruled in favor of Denise and the Tripolians manager and now Pantrinbago spending hundreds of thousands of pan man money to appeal because they believe the judge erred. Did they consult the membership on the appeal  or Diaz can do as he wants, because the organization belongs to him and his executive and according to word coming out of their camp they are saying that they will tie up visionaries in court and reign forever. At whose expense may i ask?

Claude  trust me, the Tobago pan administrator Beverley will not loose if we do not vote but the pan movement will loose. i visited Tobago  for jazz and while driving to visit the Plymouth Tomb Stone we saw a sign for Katzenjammers but when we looked at the building we said that was not a pan yard but on our return we drove in the yard and i was dumb struck. If that band was able to get government to construct such a facility then we are wasting time with pantrinbago and their head quarters. I saw for the first time a steel band operating full time with businesses and about four members of staff, yes a steel band and that is why i know that Claude does not know Beverley. I met her for the first time and personally, i told her she should forget Diaz and them and focus on her good works in Tobago but when i remembered is not Diaz and them but the youths of T & T i gave her my blessings.

Back in Trini and pan man afraid to talk because the president will not give them a play out.


Hermin Bradshaw, "They go tie up the New Visionaries in court and rule forever" is exactly what Claude said from the beginning that why he is laughing now.

The New Visionaries have to  wake up and come up with a plan "B"  what they should do is submit another two candidates just to get on with the election, if they reject it again the courts will see the game they are playing and put an end to it.it  The New Visionaries have to stop waiting and make things happen.

Hermin: I like your response!!! No name calling; just your view of the circumstances and your disagreement with my position. The problem is that there are ongoing discussions on this forum that last for years and the regulars are aware of the arguments and positions so there is continuity of thought and awareness of opinions. Every so often some stragglers come on and read one post and get their knickers knotted -- take a pot shot and leave.

On this particular topic I maintain a tongue-in-cheek dialogue with Cecil and Bertel at this time because we have been beating it to death for almost a year now. So your use of the word 'mockery" in your opening sentence comes close to hitting the mark. Initially, I did not state support for Diaz but just read his cards and gave my predictions on how and when they will fall ... it was an easy read for me. Politically, Beverly is no match for Diaz and I was sure that he was going to run rings around her. Personally, I disagree with Beverly being President of Pan Trinbago because that job should be given to someone who came through the ranks of the steelband movement. (They worked hard to get there.)

Unless that new leader has shown extraordinary business acumen in past projects and has the administrative ability to bring the organization into 20XX. We don't need another hand-in-the-government-pot leader. Furthermore, if Beverly wants this job so badly -- why has she been so silent since October of last year? She should be out there screaming bloody murder embarrassing Diaz at every turn. I think that I have done more of that on this forum than the entire NEW VISIONARIES team -- if you can read between my lines.

Diaz is well suited to the politics of Pan Trinbago; and with the SPOILS from the GREENS rising every year, he would rather give up his life than the presidency of Pan Trinbago. So people could come on here and vent their spleen against Diaz but he is the SUPREME LEADER -- the best POLITICIAN in that bunch and he will continue to rule. And even a great politician like OBAMA has to stoop to skullduggery ("wickedness in high places") to maintain power; so don't come down too hard on Diaz. It comes with the territory.

I think that WHEN STEEL TALKS should invite Mr. Diaz to do an interview on this forum and let him directly state and defend his record and his administration and his vision for the steelband movement.[ AH FED UP DEFENDING THE MAN ON HERE.]

The truth, however, is that PAN has a life and spirit of its own and nothing (NO ONE MAN) can stop it from making its journey around the world. On the other hand much much more can be done for it in the MECCA. My suggestion: start another organization independent of Pan Trinbago!!!


Claude, I'm sure WST tried to get an interview with Diaz already but he aint giving any interview to anyone from foreign, he only talking to people from Africa.


Cecil: The bottom line is that NUTTEN EH CHANGIN!!! People grinding and cussing but the status quo is ever enduring with Diaz still ruling. Hey: leh we write Diaz and tell him that we want to produce a GREATEST HITS PANORAMA CD. Twelve best songs of ALL TIME (doh leave out MAS by Guinness Cavaliers). It have over 500,000 Trinis lliving in foreigns around the world -- yuh doh think we could sell 75,000 copies, keep the price low at $10 each.

Dey sitting on a gold mine and still begging for money


Good idea boi,  when Beverly get in power I'll suggest that to her.

Claude i agree with some of your positions. I however do not agree that a presidential candidate should only come through the rank of the steel band movement but should be any member of the organization with a track record of.performance, integrity, honesty, humility and a strong relationship with the creator. Coming through the ranks does not mean that one automatically qualifies not in this century and if that is the case then all three presidential candidates for the election qualify.

When i visited Beverley's pan yard a few weeks ago i took up a brochure from the library and another from the gift shop and based on what i have read so far i believe that her band is one of the best organized and successful orchestras today. That is why i am rooting for her. At first i was supporting Mr Merancie because i never heard about her before but after talking to her and seeing with my eyes the good work of that Tobago band i am convinced that this is the kind of modern leadership the movement needs today. Coming up through the ranks alone will not cut it. Claude, according to the brochure Beverley is the daughter of a pioneer of the oldest band in Tobago and seven of her uncles are pioneers and all her children plays the instrument and she grew up in the pan tent so she should really get busy and sell her self. The lesson i have learn' t from meeting that woman is to hush if you do not no people because when i heard she was running for president i had a mouth full to say. All i can say now is for her to go brave. She has won me over.

I do not think Beverly wants the job of president badly, Claude, because she said its not about her becoming president but about a team of servant leaders who are prepared to turn the organization into one that puts people and pan first. It is about team work  and not i work,  so its is not about becoming president for her it is about developing pan people. The visionaries are really tame and should really carry the fight to Diaz but politics is about war and money. money buys the ammunition for the political war. while Diaz has Pantrinbago treasury the new visionaries begging. Who have more corn feed more fowl not so?

Pan politically Beverly is no match for Diaz? Well if pan politics is about dishonesty, lack of accountability and under the table deals, self preservation, dictatorship and bad john tactics ect, Beverley my advice to you is to stay in Tobago and continue your excellent job because that type of politics is not for you.


           I like and respect your response. When I say that the president should come through the ranks of the steelband movement, I have my reasons. The movement is not mature enough at this time to allow an outsider to take charge even if it will be in the best interest of PAN. At this stage in the instrument's development in Trinidad if you brought in some LOCAL WHITES or INDIANS or SYRIANS or CHINESE to run Pan Trinbago there will be riots in the streets because the pan community is MUCH TOO SHORTSIGHTED and needy at this point to look beyond the next handout.

          So mostly for that reason I continue to believe that the leadership should come through the ranks. Now, we know the history of the ranks (although many johnny-come-lately historians are trying the sanitize the violent history) and we know what to expect from those ranks -- but it is a castle that they built through their blood sweat and tears and it is THEIRS. And that's the conundrum!!! If we are going to break away and bring in REAL LEADERSHIP we need to jump over BEVERLY AND THE VISIONARIES and go straight to the BUSINESS COMMUNITY or the ACADEMIC COMMUNITY to find a leader.And in some ways that will not be fair to the PAN MOVEMENT.

          Bottom line: The movement is not ready for administrative change. Nor is there going to be any administrative or competent leadership for years to come. I have said this 100 times before and I will say it again: With the money coming in from the GREENS now, it will take a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION to get Diaz out of that presidency. And even if the NEW VISIONARIES do manage to put Beverly in as President (when the molasses reach the court house three years from now) the culture of begging (shaming and strong-arming, actually) corporations and begging the government for money will continue to be the source of funds for the movement -- because that is all they know. And that is why we need to jump to the next level and bring in corporate thinkers not just to run the GREENS but the WHOLE ORGANIZATION.

Boy, Bertel and Cecil go get vex with meh and stop defending when dey see me limin with you so much!!!






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