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What do you think about Panorama Broadcast quality?

It is my opinion the 2015 broadcast quality of the panorama was the worst we have had in years. Who is responsible? And what happened to CarnivalTV? Why did Pan Trinbago give the contract to the government/CNMG?


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the broadcast quality was terrible

I couldn't follow the final here in the Netherlands, that's why I will visit Trinidad next year!

It was awful here in Antigua


After the company head made his big announcement "effective immediately" with Pantrinbago I wasn't too impressed.

What do you expect form a country that tries to act like they have 1st world status and continue to show the world they operate more like a 3rd world country. This was a world class event hosted by the World Governing Body for Steel Pan.

Technology is constantly changing in this digital age. High Definition is becoming the norm, if you broadcasting streaming video in a format you considered standard for your service consult the professionals and learn the new norm. You need to upgrade you system. Maybe that's why you don't enjoy the revenue stream like your competitors. This was painful for me to watch.

the worst in history

The Broadcast Quality was very horrible. It goes to show that no one troubleshoots anything down there before broadcasting. If someone had taken the time to see how we see it, then it could have been fixed.

What panorama its a good thing we have people that make comments of the proceedings. But after saying all that is there going to be a broadcast of the competition after carnival or is it going to be fly to Trinidad for the festival 

vibe 105 had the best audio.  Video was the worst ever on CTV.  No HD.  Remember when Advance Dynamics did the broadcast. It was phenomenal. Pan Trinbago should be ashamed for the poor quality.

John, I totally agree. I listened on 105 also. Hopefully the producers will learn from this and do a much better job next time.

Picture was fair, sound was poor and volume too soft. Streaming radio gave better sound but I don't like that it isn't synced with the video so I go back and forth between better sound that is unsynced and poor sound that is synced and I have to lean in to hear it. It was too much effort to listen to the commentary between bands. I also would have liked a few sweeps of the camera to see the crowd in the Savannah and North Stand between bands.

Didn't notice that the good 105 sound wasn't synched to the video.  Both were live.

It was maybe 5-10 seconds off, sometimes longer, and just bugged me.


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