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And the verdict is? What did you like? What did you not like?

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BUGS: My application to be a BIG 5 EXPAT EXECUTIVE has been in for the last TWO MONTHS. So I could only say SUPERLATIVE THINGS about that show. But, personally, I am still exhilarated. WHAT A SHOW -- out of the STARTING BLOCKS!!!

I do want your thoughts, though!!! 

Great show. Great performances. Show can't go on the road until some competent audio engineers are hired.


Bravo to the organisers and performers.

Bravo to all who supported.

It surpassed expectations!

The only glitch was the sound system at times.

Excellent presenters too!


Just loved it. ... and to add... I am looking at it again.
Brenda H.
This was truly amazing! Must have more concerts like these! Well done

The BIG5 went all out to prove they have the chops, and they did.

I will tell you one thing. From my perspective, there is very little material there for a DVD or CD. And I am not even getting into the technical aspects of the recording. I would not use more than THREE SONGS from that entire show for a CD. I am talking about SONG SELECTION and RENDITION.

One of these days somebody is going to go into the MUSIC STUDIO and use INDIGISOUNDS and blow the world away with a PAN CD (or whatever current delivery system is "APP" at the time).

But I like the BIG 5 PLATFORM and Business and Social and Political contacts; and they could really go far. But I will never stop repeating that if they want to make music for the OUTSIDE WORLD they have to give EXPAT PAN LOVERS a more prominent role in those projects. They have to learn to contact the right people on the outside and incorporate them into their projects -- and that will be hard for them.

The NATIONAL STEELBAND FOUNDATION is looking VERY GOOD to me right now. But I don't know about the INTERNATIONAL STEELBAND FOUNDATION. As a TRINIDADIAN I thoroughly enjoyed the show!!! But the EXPAT part of me has GREATER EXPECTATIONS.

Now my application is sure to end up in the TRASH BIN!!!


We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the show.  Just reached home and still on a high.  Soaked up every minute of the show and then some.  Next stop, the Southland (we dey now) then 2Bago, then the Sky's The Limit...

Congratulations to the International steelpan foundation.I am impress with the steelpan show that you have staged on july 22

at the "big yard"(BIG 5).keep up the good work maybe one day we might call on "your team" to organise a bigger steelpan program!! 

Brilliant show! Just a pity the sound quality wasn't up to the standard of performance and musicianship

As I expected, it all comes down to bands playing their winning panorama arrangements. It's all people want to hear, else would be boring show. Some of the classical pieces did not fit the evening. So trinis need to tighten up on their upcoming panorama 2018 competition. no more medium band category, have them compete with the large bands, will get better variety of arrangements. Years ago breakout bands like Casablanca 'ash wednesday jail', Third world 'gold', this is the kind of competition pan needs. TT panorama competition is the greatest pan show for the steelpan.


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