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Which song or songs hit a special note with you? Which song made you hit the replay button? And Why?



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And I'm not trying to denigrate the work of someone who writes and produces a song for panorama; I know that it is such a gamble with low probability that anyone will even play it, so why go through the trouble and expense of a high quality production? But at the same time, the decision to go with a song is based on factors other than the music itself - lyrics, theme, even the title - that putting out an A+ melody with D- production hurts you before even getting out of the gate. A cheap production will make the music itself sound cheap... 

any band that not playing   men of steel--in trouble--look out--"bandit"

I am with you david on this one. Men of Steel is wicked. 


Blows is real nice. I would love to hear Desperadoes with this one. It made me hit replay a few times. I wish it had come out a little earlier.


Replay you say?? I barely hitting play, much less replay


What do you have to say about Nothing Sweeter Than Pan, and The Wedding?

Cecil: The man done say: BARELY PLAY!!! NO REPLAY!!!

The man did not say anything about the tunes I ask about.

The man is probably busy focusing on "Excitement"... right DJ?

DJ, Ah doh know why everybody want to answer for yuh?

Cecil, DJ trying to hide the "Excitement" just like Noah said, but we all already know. LOL


TAKE ME WITH YOU! Who say, (not HOOSAY)pan tune dead!


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