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The Government spends millions of tax payers monies to develop the G-Pan. The Faculty of Engineering at UWI in Saint Augustine did the Studies and Research.


During the grand launching of the G-Pan by the former Prime Minister Patrick Manning statement were made about commercial sale of the G-Pan to recoup the investments and make the project profitable.


It is time we get serious of all these Steel Pan Initiatives and stop wasting tax payers dollars. WE NEED ANSWERS.


Maybe Professor Brian Copeland Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at UWI can give us some answer about the project.....


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In an interview with WST (2008) Junia Regrello predicted mass production of the G-pan by September 2009.

Professor Copeland promised a transition from manual to production machinery with "a full ramp before September 2010."

In 2008 Manning said the Government spent $9.9 million to continue research that was ongoing for some time at the pan research lab at UWI, St Augustine, headed by Brian Copeland.


If you read between the lines you will see that they ran into strong technical headwinds with the production of this instrument.

As it stands, the production costs for the G-pan make it too expensive to bring to the market place. So draw your own conclusion.
Yup! Way de money gorn? Millions to duplicate a project that was conceptualized and produced by Anthony Williams of P.A.N.S. i.e Pan Am North Stars. He never got a dime or credit for it.Way de money gorn? How soon we forget. My conclusion? Way de money gorn?

Patrick you hit the nail on the head.  It was Tony Williams that is responsible for the so called Bertie M hi tenor. PANS boss Tony Williams created the spider web in the late 50's but found that many of the smaller notes couldnt be tuned with an audible tone. The concept of 4th and 5th was in place in that spider web pan.

Time to give Tony his due before he dies. Dont wait till I dead to seranade me  do it now

paddy corea in NY

What's amazing to me is this, some people listen to politicians and actually believe thta thet are sincere in their utterance.

 maybe  we need to ask patrick manning as he went on and on  as if he were a maestro on pan ant the launch of g pan 

 yes and of course  dr copeland 

 maybe its just another  pie in the sky  get rich for some project

 what next 

  we need to start  getting up and get serious

 ask  keith diaz as president of pan trinbago  he must take some initiative also

  do something for pan 

Well, I am not surprised at all. It was doomed to fail. Most of us here in Trinidad said all along that there were many flaws in this "initiative" not the least of which were the political undertones, the disrespect to former and current pan builders/tuners, and the ridiculous thinking that the bands would scrap their pans for the G-pan (or even want to, considering the cost of the pans + retrofitting the stands and racks for them, etc.) I was never impressed by their sound, except for the bass pans.

Professor Brian Copeland you are reading this thread SHARE SOME LIGHT ON THIS PROJECT it is tax payers money you talking about. IT IS NOT PRIVATE FUNDS.



2008--------------$9.9 million for stalled research.

2011--------------$800.00 for panmen.

There is a correlation! Something wrong, somewhere.


With big talk and plenty support from the government with accolades to full a belly.


An Interview with Steelpan Innovator & G-Pan


Without a damn cent from T&T authorities, and plenty small talk here's a young pannist who did something for pan.


An Interview with E-Pan Inventor Salmon Cupid


Connect the dots and talk to someone who is doing something for pan.

Finally got the time to respond to this.

  1. Concerning the status of the G-Pan: All (ALL) G-Pan IP is now wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) for and on behalf of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.This has been so since the inventor (yours truly ), in keeping with a gentleman’s agreement with the GORTT  following its grant for the funding of the R&D and in recognition of the benefit to the country as a whole of finally having some legal ownership and recognition for the pan, signed over the IP in December 2008 and 2009 (as I recall) at the peppercorn rate of TT$1.00 each – One TT dollar and zero cents. 

    This has been reported along the length and breadth of TnT and on the WST forum as well (see http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2010/mar/copeland-3-01-10.htm). I wish people would take the time to properly read the BIG TALK before reading between the lines.
  2. If you own a TT ID card, you essentially own the G-Pan.  All that stuff about political overtones etc now does not matter. I had to do what I had to do. Now it’s yours. It’s much much more than what you had before (= legally nothing). What do YOU want to do with it?

Given the above, you should really direct your questions about the GPan elsewhere.  


Prof Brian Copeland

REALLY SERIOUSLY Doing Something for the Pannist



Touche', Mr Copeland!


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