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The Government spends millions of tax payers monies to develop the G-Pan. The Faculty of Engineering at UWI in Saint Augustine did the Studies and Research.


During the grand launching of the G-Pan by the former Prime Minister Patrick Manning statement were made about commercial sale of the G-Pan to recoup the investments and make the project profitable.


It is time we get serious of all these Steel Pan Initiatives and stop wasting tax payers dollars. WE NEED ANSWERS.


Maybe Professor Brian Copeland Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at UWI can give us some answer about the project.....


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@glenford peters;

As a follow up to your question, tle liner notes for the 1989 "Jazz and Steel" album describes Anise Hadeed as playing an oversize tenor with a range of three octaves, pressed from a mold of 18 gauge steel, with the skirt welded on separately.

This pan was made by Dudley Dixon.

I repeat Glenford's question, was this a forerunner of the G-pan?

If this is the case, is is another reminder that steelband innovations should be credited to many, and so should any rewards or awards..

Are you surprised? This is the man who told us that we ALL OWNED this invention (and at the time I challenged the abusrdity of that claim) while he is privately selling it and lining his pocket.

Andre, check out the Trinidad dailies Newspaper today and see the bacchanal concerning the G-Pan.

Andre, I remembered Dr. Copland saying in an interview back then that NO G-PANS were sold to date in his defence to the allegations by the AG.

Hope  Professor Cope-land in jail. lol

I was told that funding was cut for this project.

There was an article in yesterday's Express related to how the PP Gov't hasn't paid the annuities on patents and trademarks related to the G-Pan. This after all the tax payers monies that went into R&D, and the hope that this new instrument would become the worldwide standard for Pan so that we could get back some royalty money, unlike what is happening now with the current spiderweb design. Like dey want to give away de rights or what???

D' Culture Vulture

This is an open Letter to our new Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Mr Lincoln Douglas looking from the outside you seems to be passionate about our culture. The STEELPAN is the backbone off our culture and it is time the country recognized its potential in revenue earning. The G-Pan project is an investment by Government to diversify the economy. What is the hold-up ? the country wants to know.

Since 2007 the National Steel Symphony Orchestra is using the G-Pans in concerts around the country and overseas concerts. The G-Pans is ready for manufacturing and boost T & T employment....

Too expensive to produce!!!

Claude where did you get this info?



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