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Does anybody knows what happened to Claude Gonzales? This Forum has not seen or heard from him or about him since after the 2014 Steelband Panorama. ALL-POINTS BULLETIN FOR CLAUDE GONZALES.

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Hey Where are you Claude? I always liked your comments.

I am glad you responded Arthur, I wish a lot of the members do like you so we will know that you all are still with us  well and Safe,


Claude is alright the just took a time-out to re-energize I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Ah just have a feeling that he, Ghost and Sidd have something cooking. lol

Cecil, after Ghost pull-off his seminar on the 7th March, 2014 at Starliff panyard - Claude dissapear.....

gavin, that's why ah feel they up to something, yuh feel dey might try to hijack Pan Trinbago boi?

I just hope Claude is OK and did not get caught up in ah Obeah Racket, (he used to talk bout Obeah) 

Bede, ah feel he is ah Obeah man, over 2 years he tellin we dey cyah move Diaz.

Claude take much licks for the Andee fella LOL.


It would be nice if somebody on this Forum that is in contact with CLAUDE GONZALES to at least say that they spoke to Claude and that he is OK, PLEASE, I would do the same for you Guy and Ladies, Thks

I am happy to say that I did hear from Claude Gonzales and he said that he is "Fine", it's just that he does not wish to Contribute anymore, I did not ask him why, maybe someday he will tell us his reasons but it's not for me to Question,


Every smart man knows when the wife put down she foot yuh have to get in line, Claude is smart. lol


Can't blame Claude. He took a lot of Andeee blows during Panorama.

And now the New Visionaries may have his boy De-Ass on the run. 2014 has been unkind to Claude so far. He needs to take a dip in that pool in the Greens.

lol bugs


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