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What Is Missed When Carnival Is Canceled: Sun, Joy, Freedom

NY Times

Loyal enthusiasts on what they missed in a year they needed Carnival the most.

By Geneva Abdul, Pierre-Antoine Louis, Sandra E. Garcia and Sharine Taylor

Booming music. Glittering costumes. And perhaps even more important: the feeling of being free.

After a year of racial reckonings, the celebration of Carnival — which provides a much-needed release for many revelers from London to New York to Toronto and beyond — was canceled.

“The loss of Carnival goes beyond costumes, music, liming [socializing] and physical contact,” said Ingrid Persaud, a Trinidad and Tobago-born writer who lives in Britain.

Would-be Carnival attendees said they missed the exuberance, the roti and pepper pot, singing along with others on the road and the very act of gathering.

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