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What really drives me CRAZY is that when you go around all the PAN FORUMS all you could read about is PAN LOVERS discussing ways to take PAN back to the SIXTIES and SEVENTIES ...

THAT FIXATION could put me in an early grave because I just don't understand how rational people could dismiss TODAY and TOMORROW and try to wave a MAGIC WAND and take themselves back to the SIXTIES and SEVENTIES and bring back PAN ON THE ROAD.

Remember MAN did not have no BIG HOUSE and FANCY NEW CARS (with all dem fancy hitech things in these NEW CARS) then, eh!!! Allyuh want to give up all dat and WALK and TAKE BUS and TAXI -- because if you turn the clock back ... yuh turn the clock back on EVERYTHING.

As James Comey admitted tonight on CNN to much laughter: I don't have that MAGIC WAND to take me back in time. And he was talking about THREE YEARS, EH. Not 40 and 50 years.

But these PAN LOVERS spend all their PRESENT TENSE dreaming of a PAST TENSE WORLD.

My interest is in GLOBALIZING PAN MUSIC -- TODAY!!!

I was a BIG SILVER STARS FAN back in the day -- that was ONCE UPON A TIME ... many years ago. And once in a while I does play some sixties SILVER STARS MUSIC and tears does come to meh eyes AND TING ... but the world keeps spinning forward and life goes on.

So I say: Let us live for today and tomorrow and see how we could contribute to taking PAN MUSIC FORWARD and do like KITCHENER tell MARGIE!!!

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Music is one of the components of carnival, Steelbands play music. Carnival should be viewed as ah gig. It's also ah cash cow.. they can make some money.

Well, one man named WAYNE HACKETT break ranks and see the light ... so I eh so off-track after all!!! This is what WAYNE HACKETT had to say:

Who going n spend their money to play mas and jump up with a steel band ? Answer that honestly and you'll realize why steelbands no longer come out for carnival. It's not worth it to bring out your band to play for a bout 100 ppl who like pan . Who paying the players for 6 to 8 hrs work in the hot sun ? Who feeding them ? Who paying to blend the pans before and after ? Who paying the tractor man pulling the band .Your suggestion of a 1 mil bomb competition will only benefit the winner . Stack that up against de 'big truck' with security, all inclusive food n drinks, and girls in skimpy bikinis and then tell the youths the opportunity they missing playing mas with a steelband instead.
I'll say it again , unless the youths grow up in pan like us, they cannot relate to pan on the road carnival day . To them that's like trying to reinvent the wheel. They have not moved on from pan to big truck , they know nothing else but big truck, so there's nothing to go back to.
I would love pan to be involved in carnival again just like long time but
that time has passed and is now history.

What you just posted [Picture of BRASS BAND] is the reason why pan not on the road carnival day anymore...lol . Is that same big truck that run pan outta carnival. Look at that band [Etienne and friends BRASS BAND], the avg age is over 60yrs and what they jumping up to ..brass n big truck ...lol

I'l give you a little insight about Etienne n friends. Etienne advertised Phase II were playing for them last year even though they knew we were not because he offered chum change . This year he went to Hadco for sponsorship n to get Phase to play ,Hadco said cool they will put 30,000 but Etienne did not want to come out a cent from his pocket to pay the difference the band charged. So yes sponsors may come on board but is our own ppl who taking advantage and willing to exploit the steelband for their personal gain.
That video is not a good example to show if you advocating for pan back on the road ,that is also a big truck just with older ppl.

The person running the big5 is yet to show transparency about monies coming in n going out to the other bands,well at least Phase II. Dont let anyone fool you the big5 is not running smoothly .#facts

How can one say the ALL young people  want to run behind the big truck?

They are stuck in an infinite retrograde loop. They are not really alive.  



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