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What really happened in the court case: Pan Trinbago against Keith Diaz.

What really happened in the court case: Pan Trinbago against Keith Diaz.


By Aquil Arrindell


I have never entered a courtroom in my life. However, for this case I took the time out to observe and learn so that I can properly inform my membership. For far too long we, the membership, have been lied to and misinformed in matters such as these and in true PT form, I am already hearing everything but the truth being bandied about the place.


The first thing the pan community must know is that you were not officially represented at all in this matter. It was photo and his crew against, mainly, Mr. Diaz. Mr. Diaz used his own money for council, however evidence is pointing in the direction that photo and his band of thieves used the organisation’s money. Now it is interesting to see if they will pay back PT because the photo faction lost the argument regarding their authority to represent PT in this case. The judge’s view on this was that the general body voted them out, though whether it was illegally done is yet to be determined. So this case should really be photo and his crew in their individual capacities against the 90 plus members (Pan Trinbago) who voted them out and not Mr. Diaz. Pan Trinbago (the members) should be the defendant, that the Plaintiff (photo and his crew) are suing.


Photo’s lawyer, Mr Scoon, brought several arguments as to why the decision of the general membership should be reversed. Those being:

  1. We did not meet the 60% requirement.
  2. Photo did not sign the notice.
  3. We cannot use an extraordinary general meeting to remove officers.
  4. Members did not get a 28-day notice
  5. Photo’s crew did not get a chance to defend themselves before judgment.
  6. We should have used the disciplinary measures in the constitution to discipline the officers.


Senior council Gilkes who represented Mr Diaz, in my opinion, destroyed all the arguments presented by Photo’s lawyer. However, in the judgement on Friday, which was only to determine if the case was an arguable one, the judge in his wisdom thought that the argument

  1. We did not meet the 60% requirement,is the only thing that could be an arguable factor.


He ruled that until he made a decision on that, things would be returned to the status quo as it is normal practice to do so.


Based on the direction and the circumstances of the case, the judge is suggesting that the membership use the Special Convention to have an early election. He thinks that we should come to an agreement before the following Friday in the best interest of the organization. The membership has already agreed that they want to go in that direction so let us see whose interest photo’s crew care about.


What is amusing and ironic is that photo and his band of five thieves hate Mr. Diaz so much that they took him to court and he ended up back as President. Mr. Diaz, the one they took to court did not lose. It is the membership that are continually on the losing end because Photo, Shepherd, Scobby, Tempo, El Salvadour, and Pablow, alledgedly took the membership’s money to challenge the membership’s decision. I am calling for persona non gratafor these men. There is no other group of people, in Pan Trinbago, that have brought the organization to public disrepute as these men are continually allowed to do. I am calling on Mr. Diaz and the central executive to call a meeting and report to the membership.


Aquil Arrindell

The eyes and ears of the membership.

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Dear Mr. Arrindell,

why do you insist that whenever you procure the services of someone to write on your behalf on this forum, when you login and post, you introduce the article with, "By Aquil Arrindell?" Are you not aware that "Aquil Arrindell" will be automatically generated on the page when the post is added?

I am sick and tired of that behavior by you and others, especially those who would have paid me to do the same for them elsewhere, as they set about masking their incompetence in any particular discipline. Claude Gonzales, I hope that he scores his music himself, as that trend is worrying. How could you have been the Education Officer of Pan Trinbago sir, and you cannot write anything exceeding 25 words independently? Why are you continually attempting to bamboozle people who were proficient at reading and writing before you even learnt to speak with all this garbage my brother? 

I deliberately opened as I did to remind you of your first response to my contributions on this forum. You obviously need to start judging people on merit, and not by your own low, immoral standards, or by the opinions of those who hold sway over you, those whom you follow. Are you not fed up, and ashamed of your dishonesty as it relates to the practice of engaging others to write on your behalf.

Your "FORTE", if I were to use a term popularized by the current Minister of Sports, is definitely as a performing artist  and not as an administrator or advocate. I see you and your band of thieves only destroying whatever remains of 14-17 Park Street Port of Spain at the conclusion of hostilities. Do you understand why some of the most credible, and suitable talent in the fraternity have publicly stated that they have no desire to run for office? 

You are being used like a "Door Mat" as my deceased Tanty (God bless her soul) used to say, and continue to tell lies on, and to this forum, as it relates to the action filed by Mr. Forteau and the embattled executive members, against your newfound, rekindled love.

You told the world that Mr. Diaz was a thief, and you are now dictating to someone to write on your behalf, that Mr. Diaz used his own money, while Forteau used Panmen's money to retain counsel?

If you were worth your salt as an antagonist, you would have understood that "Membership" is critical, and the key to deciding what is permissible, and what is not in any democratic organization.

What really happened was that you were misled, given the wrong directions, and it is no surprise that you lost.

Photo Won!

What kind of nonsense are you writing on this forum? You want "Mr Diaz and the central executive to call a meeting and report to the membership?"

Constitutionally, it is the secretary, Forteau's remit to call meetings of the general membership, have you not learned at lest that in the last few days?

All you managed to achieve sir, was idiotically, involuntarily getting the courts to reinstate an officer you tirelessly attempted to depose, whose resignation you accepted and touted as a victory  Not unlike practitioners of the world's oldest profession, you seem to be attracted to the highest fare, and not loyalty.

What the hell was that??

Robert is busy wid Trump and dem, otherwise........

Quality is not good,but I hope it helps to bring clarity.

Oswald: If you go back and read my POSTINGS you will see that I chose to reference the "INDIAN JUDGE" ... I was tempted many times to suggest that an AFRO-TRINI judge should have been hired for this case.

Reading that passage you just posted confirms my calculation -- THINGS WILL ONLY GET MORE CONVOLUTED!!!

Oswald the man say i lying and i am deceitful.... so what the hell is this you presenting on the forum. 

Is this evidence that my information is true?

I wonder if photo is RP source of information and he is being misled.

Poor fella. He is still my good friend.

Aquil.I told Forteau that we expected him to go to court,as they tried for two years to get members to go to court,but some saw through their very transparent motives and warned others to fall in that trap.

I didn't expect Forteau and crew to rile up panmen further,by boldfacely going to court as PanTrinbago,with panmen money.......The judge was taken aback with that,and said they have to take any further action in their own name.

Claude the judge's ethnicity  does not bother me,he seems to be quite competent and in tune ( as if by Kellman) with the issues affecting PanTrinbago.He wrote about having "an expedited trial,if it's needed",which shows that he recognizes,that time is of the essence.

I am one of the very few members who attended Mr Forteau & crew cottage meeting ( a couple days before the EXOGM) at Sforzata panyard, and he asked bands to sign on to his unconstitutional activities.A few of the very few did signed on,but then voted at the EXOGM,to remove him & crew.

I wonder how happy are members with Mr Forteau and crew,taking panmen money to take them to court....and this after they paid themselves handsomely after carnival??

So, what did Judge Boodoosingh say?

Mercer: You and RUSSELL PROVIDENCE just looking to make me TURN UP MY HOLE CARDS on THIS FORUM. I eh able with allyuh, nah. Right now I have an application in to JOIN THE CIP and if allyuh lead me astray I go end up in a BAMBOO PATCH -- OLD and ALL ALONE!!!

Dear Plaintiffs,

if you had been reading my posts carefully, objectively and unbiased, you would have at least observed my references to the following;

Membership - Ghost Bands - The Ability to Identify and Mobilize same

Isn't this judgment an indictment on the unsuitability, and lack of preparedness for office of those most vocal, and at the forefront of the movement to replace the incumbents?

Why is Mr. Gonzales mirroring the behavior of Donald Trump towards Gonzalo P. Curiel? 


Hell, maybe in the WHOLE OF TRINIDAD!!!


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