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What's going on with the Junior Panorama? Who is responsible?

It has been brought to our attention that at this late date there is reportedly still no budget in place for the 2012 Junior Panorama in Trinidad and Tobago.  The abandoning of the youth will comeback to bite all those who have dropped the ball. 

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Surely that action sounds familiar. Doesn't it?

If our National Instrument is part of our Public Schools Curriculum, maybe the School Panorama should fall under the Ministry of Education!



The Junior Panorama does fall under the Ministry of Education. The Pan in the Classroon Unit coordinates the event.

Now is the arena where people like Liam Teague should be saying something and breathing some fire on the situation. This is a shame.


I have heard that The Pan in the Classroom program has been put on hold by the government.  No complaints by any of the interested stakeholders. The School boards of T&T have been suspended, for further investigation, utter nonsense. The school Boards have been audited by Government Auditors every year since its inception to account for one, $30,000.00 given over a 3 year period. Some schools were very proactive in their operations and of great help to the institutions. 

When culture and education are disrupted amongst young people then the next area to be disrupted is sports. Anyone who is familiar with what is going in sports in T&T, knows that you must " hush your mouth" and that Anil only knew what was wrong when he was on SPALK.Steups to him.

Back to the subject matter, President of Pan Trinbago, No Comment; Chairman of NCC, former President of Pan Trinbago No comment. it is a good thing we can express our frustrations on this site.

 It is so interesting , when The members of the executive of Pan Trinbago were not paid a salary, Owen Serrette and prior, we fought for improvement against all odds,and we were not afraid to talk out. is it that we should change the criteria for holding Office on the pan trinbago executive committee? Maybe the organisation has grown so rapidly, that the archaic style of doing things have become obsolete. who do we blame? or is it that we all should accept blame and try to encourage change in our operations, and styles for the future, or complain again next year of the same situation. Have sense! 

It is indeed shameful that the powers that be can be so casual about such a positive important event for young people, While the issue at hand is the Junior Panorama, the continuation of the program in schools is crucial for the development of our extremely versatile students. 

From my knowledge of the situation, the persons who are employed in the Pan In the Classroom Unit of the Ministry of Education have had responsibility for preparing the budget for the event and running the event with Pantrinbago and the Pan in Schools Coordinating Council.  The members of the Unit are on contract and their contracts have either expired of are about to end.

This is not the first time that the members of the Unit have been in this position and it is time for the Ministry of Education to revisit their position with respect to contract workers in the Education sector because,Junior Panorama apart, it is killing the progress of putting the steelpan into all the schools in Trinidad & Tobago. And we say we are the Mecca of the Steelpan?


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