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It's ah secret.......

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They are busy HAVING MEETINGS making and plans that will lead to PAN PROSPERITY.

And nobody is allowed to discuss the affairs of the organization once they leave these meetings.

So you are right: PAN TRINBAGO is now a PRIVATE GROUP OF NINE working secretly for the FINANCIAL BENEFIT of those NINE and to hell with the 6000 PAN PLAYERS and the PAN PUBLIC.

Cecil: It looks like you will be flying out to OAKLAND soon to see the RAPTORS play GAME ONE -- dem tickets real hard to get boy. Just like bugs say about the GARDEN being sold out even though the team is losing. That is how it has been for the WARRIORS over decades of losing -- so you could imagine the MANIA NOW.

Ah tell allyuh BEVERLEY was the WRONG CHOICE. She is about SELF PROMOTION and not PAN PROMOTION!!!

She have big men fraid to talk, she even have Marcus on lock down lol. They don't seem to understand that they could just be cordial with people.

Yes, Cecil boy!!! That was a shock to see that she put ah big man like MARCUS in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT and tell him that he cannot POST on WST or talk to the MEDIA or talk to CLAUDE GONZALES. Ah hear that he under orders not to discuss PAN TRINBAGO BUSINESS not even with that PRETTY GIRLFRIEND that he have.

And yuh know the man sign that CONFIDENTIALITY CONTRACT!!!  Ah could understand the VP bending over to her will --- but the rest ah dem HARDBACK  MEN ... dem must really love TITLES and POWER to sell their soul and integrity. Especially a rambunctious man like GERARD MENDEZ.

And is not like they accomplishing anything. Look at the WEBSITES -- one set ah PANORAMA STORIES and that is all.  Is time for some ALTERNATIVE GROUP to form and start making some things happen.

Claude, I couldn't agree with you more.  As the pan public are not being kept informed of what Pan Trinbago are actually doing to bring pan forward, we can only surmise that NOTHING is actually being done, and if so, only the executive know what that is, so what's the point?  If the executive cannot report back on what is happening, we need to know so we can make an informed decision as to the next steps.

Why is everything relating to the new Pan Trinbago executive so "cloak and dagger"?  What's the big secret?.

It looks as if Beverley has not only given her opponents "licks" but everyone else

Remember their slogan:  "Leadership You Can Trust"!!

Ingrid: Great to hear from you again!!! I think that BEVERLEY really FEELING SHAME because after all the BIG PROMISES she cannot deliver NOTHING. She lacked the business savvy and boldness to declare PAN TRINBAGO BANKRUPT and rebrand the organization with a more GLOBAL NAME. They do call themselves THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF PAN -- don't they?

Anyway, they are still drowning in the KEITH DIAZ DEBT and they have no light at the end of that tunnel. And of course she lacks the DIPLOMATIC SKILLS to navigate through HIGH FINANCE SOCIETY in PORT-OF-SPAIN -- so that door (a very lucrative door) is CLOSED.

She is a woman who likes to come out and boast loudly about her ACCOMPLISHMENTS. But she has not accomplished anything in her first seven months -- so SECRECY is the order of her administration.


They forgot that we in  foreign was right there with them when the fight was about removing the former exec. and getting them elected. All of ah sudden everything is local and screw them in foreign. SMH.

This is so DEPRESSING, Cecil. But she have this circle of loyalists around her and they are making her feel that she is doing this MAGNIFICENT JOB and they are accomplishing so much.

Like the PAN PATRONS who went to PANORAMA pay with PENNIES or what? GYPSY and DOLLY still counting the money!!!

And, by the way, GYPSY gone silent too!!! He and LUCAS run up $78 million dollars in debt in two years -- between dem and DIAZ they coulda build the headquarters with the $138 million.

Claude, I'm beginning to wonder if ever she is wrong about something the people around he will  tell her yuh wrong. After all they all agree to medium bands in Tobago. Yes people are ineffective.

Cecil, Beverley seems to be a dictator as she is surrounded by "YES" people!!  Also, what's this about signing a confidentiality agreement?  Are you serious?

A PRO is sorely needed...


Ah woulda NOMINATE you but YUH SKIN ah LIL TOO LIGHT for BEVERLEY to give you that job!!! And ah doh want you end up like the LAST PRO!!!


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