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Potential Symphony - Carlon Harewood - - Vibes

Redemption Sound Settlers (Tobago) - Winston Gordon - Gie Dem Tempo

Humming Birds Pan Groove - Michael Cupidore - - Live It Up

Tamana Pioneers - Kenneth "Panam" Clarke - Toco Band

Xpress 21 - Barry Mannette - God Bless America

Parry's Pan School - Selwyn 'Parry' Paul - Leave We Alone

birdsong - Raf Robertson - Pan Woman

Siparia Deltones - Calton 'Zanda' Alexander - Let's Dance

Blue Diamonds - Roger Charles - Prophet of Pan

Old Tech - Sean Ramsey - Vibes

Trinidad All Stars - Leon "Smooth" Edwards - Play Yourself

Harmonites - Seion Gomez - Archbishop of Pan

Couva Joylanders - Kenrick "Mickey" Frederick - God Is Ah Trini

Our Boys - Anslem "Moon" Campbell - Pan Woman Jammin'

Buccooneers - Seion Gomez - Vibes

Steel Xplosion - Terrance 'BJ' Marcelle - San Fernando Has Spoken

Supernovas - Amrit Samaroo - Gie Dem Tempo

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Andre White has some extra large shoes to fill, I wish him and the other young arrangers all the best.

Best wishes to Mr. Andre White you are now stepping into a big shoes to be filled. You have the talent to do well may you get the full support of all the members of Desperadoes and who knows.., you may just put another victory on your resume.

Good luck

All the best to you Andre, do your thing .... yes you can.... Desperadoes

Congratulations again Andre, all the best in your quest to give Desperadoes victory #11. Yes! that is a big challenge but you have faced big challenges before and have been successful. Andre Robbly and the rest of the Desperadoes membership will give you their full support, just go out there and do your thing. God's blessings and good luck. Lol

Here's the thing, dont worry about the size of shoes that Andre has to fill, I'm sure he won't. I have personally seen him at work, and believe when I say he has the music for the task. The only thing that can get in his way is disrespectful disruptive players. So Desperadoes players what you have right now is a excellent young arranger who is in the process of obtaining a music degree from a top New York musical college. Work with him now and let him get that 11th win your looking for asap. Or else another band will benefit from his talent!
Good luck for panorama I'm expecting great things!

Congrats to Andre White, I allways said that he was a good fit, his music is great

Yes all of San'Do is in that love affair of Pro and Fonclaire one is no good without the other.

Congratulations is also in order for Andre White, change is the only constant in life so let us hope that Despers have found a fit

I am sure that Andre White brings a great deal to the table, but some of us who are not familiar with the depth of talent in the organization would love to be informed. Can WST or Pan Times tell us something about the gentleman.



WST has followed the development of Andre White for over a decade. Here is a recent interview WST conducted with Andre White- http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/video/andre-white-upclose

click on this link for more on Andre White

Firstly congratulations Andre just continue to be your self musically. Having said that the comment about despers members being disrespectful and disruptive is very unfortunate. In all organizations of this size there would be negatives the pan world is not immune to this however the vast majority of despers players know nothing of Mr. White and it is the natural order of things for them to be apprehensive, concerned, deffencesive of their institution for which some of them has sacrificed their entire lives  knowing historically the pan man has been the most used and abused by all in society even conventional musicians to advance their careers. It would serve us well to listen to and treat with all dissenting views / ideas respectfully


well said Stretch...very well said...I could not have put it any better. Every band has its problems, interspersed with excessive negativisms ...the larger the band, the more sensationalized the problem gets. So, that said, I go on record as wishing Andre White and Andre Robley all the best. May the band achieve a great measure of success in the 2012 panorama season. Maybe the time for moving on is NOW. Who knows? It is hoped though that in the quest to achieve continued greatness, one does not forget the great arrangers who have contributed immensely to the Panorama successes of Desperadoes and who, in their own way, and time, helped to shape the musiculture of the Laventille environment with their masterful arrangements, namely men like Clive Bradley, Beverly Griffith, and Robert Greenidge who did their thing, at one time or another, between 1964 and 2011.

I'm sorry if my comment made you feel I was saying your band has disruptive players because I wasn't saying that. And I get your point of not wanting to be used as a stepping stone I don't think that'll happen but you'll know better when you meet him yourself.
As I said before I'm expecting great things from your band as I always do.


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