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Why is there a Trinidad All Stars photo on a WIADCA poster?

So is Trinidad All Stars making an appearance in NY Panorama?


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Don't know when we'll get it right...SMH

Bugs:  No attention to detail!!

Ingrid if this was done on purpose it was criminal act.  If this done out of ignorance it still a criminal act.

Jail them.


It's so embarrassing.  It's like "We'll just use any photo".

Come on WIADCA.  Get your act together.  Don't we have enough disrespect going on in the Mecca to be now subjected to this stupidness!!

I believe coulf simply be a case of Graphic artist Laziness, or a job done on the cheap.  Particularly as the band isn't credited. The NY Pannists should be vex too. It's   their party.

One day y'all will get it. Steelpan is the comedic aspect of our culture.

They'll be claiming all steelbands originated in New York USA soon. Ha Ha

That is not a joke. May well happen, but it will not be the fault of New Yorkers.

Lilian:  Of course it's going to happen ..... and it will be the fault of Pan Trinbago and the pan players in the Mecca.  Whilst others are embracing pan, the Mecca is practically disowning it.  There is no forward thinking in the  Mecca and they will pay the ultimate price.

There is forward thinking. It's all about the Bejamins, well blue notes, I guess.

The pan players are at fault for not even knowing their worth. Can't fault anyone for exploiting them.

That's what I thought. As a matter of fact, I was thinking it originated in Japan.


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