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Check this out.

While we sit and wonder what to do with the pan, there is an entire world making use of what we throw away.


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Wayne, I can't wait to hear the finish product.

“I’m elated to be working with some of rock music’s most influential icons,” said Tracy Thornton, founder of Pan Rocks. “My goal is to highlight the capabilities of steelpan in the rock and roll genre, and reach more music enthusiasts.

We don't have to worry about the Pan, we have to thank Liam Teague for doing the same for our music in his arrangement of "Conscious Chutney" it's now part of the repertoire in steel-bands concerts across the country. Liam is certainly getting paid.

 Conscious Chutney

Wayne: They do not SIT AND WONDER what to do with the PAN. They just don't have a clue as to what kind of music to produce or how to record it or how to market it. If there was any kind of leadership down there could have piggybacked on this project ....

, Mi Amigo, I see u r contemplating it correctly, all they're doing is jumping up like circus clowns, dancing and skipping from pan to pan, pan music is about what comes out of the pans, not how you look behind it, they don't know WHAT TO DO WITH IT, and the shit has gotten pathetic, that is Y we, Pan Am North Stars, performance and professionalism as a Steel Orchestra is still UNMATCHED to this day, and who don't like it, U know what they say in "Russia"??? tough shitski. Y'ALL..


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