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I have noticed when arrangers travel to different countries the level of music they give is crap compared to what they will give bands in trinidad. Few arrangers keep up like duvon and Andre also Ardin they put the same effort in to music no matter what band they are in.

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Let me add to the list seion gomez and amarit they travel to st vincent and st lucia and give the same level of music they do in in trinidad

Some times I wonder who write such crap of our musicians away. A lot of people stop buying steel band music because of the amount of Ramajay that the tune is lost. What are we selling to the world. Music is to listen too and dance too. And some of us over arrange that the music is lost to what we are playing. We have good overseas Trinidadian that studied music and is capable of arranging a good Song. That is all I have to say.


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