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When Steel Talks extends congratulations to Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - The 2020 Panorama Champions

Congrats to Desperadoes Steel Orchestra. 2020 Panorama Champions

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Sore loser. Opps, I mean concussion owner

You have no basketball team.

You have no football team.

And now you can't get a Panorama win.

Take a bow Desperadoes.  Well earned.


Claude, just go to sleep and stop with the nonsense.

Ian: If you cannot put up a TOPIC on THIS FORUM -- yuh really DO NOT HAVE A VOICE!!!

 Claude you remind Me of that James Brown Classic: ''TALKING LOUD AND SAYING NOTHING''.

Myself and many around the world that could not be present at the savanna in Trinidad 

to witness the finals of the 2020 panorama was so disappointed that for the first time

in years we could not see a video broadcast of this event .. please “

can someone give a reasonable Answer for this...

thank you

Miguel R



...Maybe when the DVD becomes available, you can proudly claim ownership of this historic event.

Business 101

 Reply by merrytonestothebone 1 hour ago

2020 was easily the best Panorama competition ever...The most competitive...Anyway Exodus. All Stars, Desperadoes, Supernovas, Phase II, Invaders...in any order...Redemption didn't disappoint...

Reply by Claude Gonzales 1 hour ago


Good morning all. The competition was broadcast live on Wack TV for US $20. Had some difficulty with transmission at times but all in all, I enjoyed the show. The competition was stiff. I certainly didn't want to be in the shoes of the judges. Hats off to all the bands and congratulations to Desperados. 

Miguel Reyes, there was a video feed from WACKradio, pay per view a measley 20 bucks for good quality hi-definition sound. Broadcast everywhere both semis and finals. Links were posted all over FB and in here as well... 

Thank you Catt, always true to yourself...

Yeah, when it wasn't dropping out and saying the stream was offline. Myself and many other viewers missed nearly all of Exodus because of that. If WACK is going to have exclusive international broadcast rights in the future, I sure hope they didn't sign a contract for their streaming provider past this year.


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