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I wish that the PRODUCERS of THIS FORUM had the same effect on the other 20,000 members. Because if they did, PAN MUSIC would be BLOOMING GLOBALLY.

As simple as they put up (any many more before that) that ZEZE VIDEO -- they pushed me on to a critical search and discover mission that I was waiting on FOR YEARS. I give all these little hints on THIS FORUM hoping that the SO CALLED PAN LOVERS would get the message and run with the BATON. But the PNM mentality of GIMME GIMME is so ingrained in the minds of the so-called PAN LOVERS that they expect THE GOVERNMENT to do EVERYTHING FOR THEM -- even make the music for them despite the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS that went wasted.

Meanwhile REAL MUSICIANS have figured out the PAN TING and are taking it (and getting ready to take it further) GLOBALLY. Again, despite all the HINTS I have given on THIS FORUM.

The only SALVATION I see for CARIBBEAN CONTROL of modern day PAN MUSIC could come from WHEN STEEL TALKS or ME.

And, frankly, I don't feel like going through that process of driving all over THE BAY AREA looking to find the right music producer and all that mental drain when you have all these PAN HUSTLERS and young educated musicians and music teachers and government paid guardians of the music and Trinidad PAN GENIUSES who should have figured out THE PAN MUSIC GAME and been riding the wave.

Ah leave out all dem TRINIS who does be writing all dem PIE IN THE SKY articles about PAN and what supposed to happen. But I will tell allyuh something: There is NOT ONE PERSON in TRINIDAD who could make GLOBAL MUSIC FOR PAN.


Because what the world wants to hear from THE PAN commercially, is not what the WORLD wants to hear from THE PAN played by TRINIDADIANS. So try as the LOCALS might, they CANNOT figure it out. Why allyuh think I have been screaming so many years for the LOCALS and the EXPATS to establish links.

How many years have I been asking: Where is the music on this forum?  And NOT one PAN GENIUS from the highest educated to the PAN YARD COKER could answer me with a decent piece of music.

Why am I so blunt and bitter and acerbic tonight: Because the DIGITAL ERA of PAN MUSIC PRODUCTION has arrived. And TRINIS still down there playing some HALF-TUNED PANS with distortions and overtones thinking that they are playing music. When dem WHITE MUSICIANS are in heir studios POLISHING THE NOTES to the NTH degree and getting ready to take the PERFECT PAN PRODUCT all over the world.

And that pisses me off because even though I am not a PAN MUSIC LOVER -- I am a TRINIDAD NATIONALIST. And besides that, for some odd reason, I just happen to know what the PERFECT PAN TONES that the WORLD WANTS TO HEAR (and it could only be DIGITALLY PRODUCED) sounds like!!!

And with all the politics in the air, I am watching BLACK AMERICA lose POLITICAL POWER to MEXICANS and HISPANICS and TRINIDAD lose MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in FOREIGN INCOME after they BLEED , SWEAT and TEAR to develop this music -- only to watch these WHITE STUDIO MUSICIANS suck the FINANCIAL JUICE from the DIGITAL VERSIONS of PAN.


So one again I ask: Where is our HIGHLY POLISHED DIGITAL PAN MUSIC that could turn heads around the world?

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