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When Steel Talks (WST) extends Happy Birthday greetings to panist, composer, arranger & educator Liam Teague

 Happy Birthday to Liam Teague

January 13th

When Steel Talks extends Birthday Greetings to panist, Liam Teague

“I have always viewed the Panorama “arranger” to be more of a composer than an arranger. After one arranges the original melody of a song, one basically adopts the role of a composer for the next seven, or so, minutes of the Panorama arrangement. Of course, one’s compositional ideas are basically still framed around elements of the original song. So, while it is useful that a song does have devices such as what I mentioned can be found in “Vibes,” I also feel humbly confident that I could do a good arrangement even if the original song was lacking some of the aforementioned aspects.” -  Liam Teague
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I feel so elated at the heights that Liam has achieved, having been his teacher at Pleasantville Senior Comprehensive School on Trinidad & Tobago where his career in Music began. Keep on keeping on in representing the RED, WHITE & BLACK flag Liam. 


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