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When the NY Panorama audio engineer turns all the steelbands' music into noise and the host still says she is hearing sweet pan music...

Everyone is in agreement that sound at the 2019 NY Panorama was terrible.  That's nothing new. It's always awful. The sound coming through the streaming broadcast was awful too. It doesn't sound like any NY steelband I have ever heard. Yet the broadcast host, keeps smiling at us while telling us we are hearing sweet pan.  Who is fooling who?

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Clive Bradley once said..."there's a difference between hearing something and listening to something."


by T. John - When Steel Talks- Special


Making of Pantonic Live - In My House - Clive Bradley

Pantonic Steel Orchestra performing "In My House" as arranged by Clive Bradley

In 1999 master arranger Clive Bradley makes his triumph return to New York after a seven-year absence. Mr. Bradley will lead Pantonic to their first panorama championship. This relationship will result in four more championships in the next few years and forever cement the name "Clive Bradley" in the annals of steelband music history as one of the greatest ever!

About 30 years ago I heard of Basement Recordings when they applied to WIADA to get the contract for the shows at the back of the museum.  Year after year they were unsuccessful.  By this time every pan player knew their name becuz the quality of their work was by far the best in the business.   I am glad that they are getting even better.

Brenda H.

The people who hired both the host and engineers should have been jailed. They killing the culture.

So how come Basement pan recordings always sound so much better, than all others.  Do they use enhancements?


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