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When will the persecution of Pan Trinbago Inc. cease?

by Michael L. Joseph
Public Relations Officer
Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C.

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Gary G Aboud of Port of Spain says that he is a lover of pan, but Pan Trinbago does not have the skill and efficiency to manage $34 million dollars in prize money that the government contributes toward Steelbands, participation in the national festival.
Panorama 2016 - Pan Trinbago

This malicious person went on to say, that the Sunday of the National Panorama Semi finals, the place was packed to capacity and that persons were selling stolen tickets outside the gates for half the price and he demands to know how many tickets were sold by Pan Trinbago.

This malicious lover of Pan went on to allege that Pan Trinbago is a FIFA type secret society in T&T and that not one of these officials have anything of substance to show. The persecution seems to go on and on!

Government go and government come and they keep contributing because they are satisfied that Pan Trinbago is justifying and have been justifying over the years their allocations. But, there are those with hidden agendas, hell bent on taking away the lucrative business that the Pan has become from the grassroots, and putting it in the hands of the business class.

So, vilify the grassroots administrators! Accuse them of being dumb to the management of large sums of money and or dishonesty! That way they will be forced out or get frustrated and leave it alone. This never happened in the perilous times, why will it happen now? Why does Gary and others feel that pan peoples’ business should be addressed in the public domain? Could Gary tell us the capacity of the stands at the savannah and if he honestly believes that the pan fraternity can have a financially profitable carnival event at that or any other venue in T&T. Is Pan Trinbago responsible for the people selling tickets outside of all other shows and events in T&T and across the world?

There are so many persons and organizations that get assistance from the government and don't give an account, why Pan Trinbago - an organization that submits audited statements to the relevant authorities every year.

Life Sport billions - no account. Politicians squandered and misappropriated billions. So many government buildings, projects and programs stalled and never got off the ground, costing billions; people plagiarizing others’ melodies and chasing it with a drink of rum, and are being rewarded with millions.

While Pan Trinbago is creating and promoting youth development and discipline in our society, some sponsors and promoters are tripping over themselves to promote vulgarity, obscenities and barbaric behaviour bordering on pornography in the wider society. Steelbands bring the most positive effect to the communities, and should be better supported and funded.

In everything, there are challenges. What makes Pan Trinbago the favourite whipping horse?

- See more at: http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2016/feb/persecution-of-pan-trinbag...

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Or What!! We like it so! Dat aint changing until Pan people ready, and that is a loooong way off! So ded an come back.

"Pan people ready"?? There is a word for that. It escapes me now.

Claude , Claude Clavde , yuh too smart for that.

Nobody is banning politics from this forum.

I simply suggest that Trinidad party politics (NOT POLITICS IN GENERAL) is somewhat irrelevant to the advancement of pan people , since both major parties are aware of how useful PanTrinbago is , since , as a government agency , they prevent organized political activity of pan people , on either side of the isle.

Yuh think they're not happy that PanTrinbago is a government body and not a labor union ?

And I'm talking about both sides.


I am very glad that i chose to stay out of this one for the most part because i already knew i would never get a straight answerer to my question,because now that panorama and carnival is over and some of the drunks are now sober the bullshit has now been put on the back burner till next year when the same ole thing will reappear.So good luck till next year.

In response to the statement about politics being banned from this forum to me that does'nt make any sense because it seems to me that politics is the deciding factor in almost every discussion and argument on this forum.From the criteria used in the judging of panorama,to the system used in tunes of choice which i would'nt get into right now.But untill the philosophy which is used to decide who's good and who's great in the business of pan is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned there will always be negative comments and arguments.


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