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This question was asked by another member in a discussion, I found it to be a good question so I am putting it out to all.

Kurt Allen said that he is going to tackle RACE in his next song, another member mention that if PanTrinbago had East Indians and Serians in it  the Headquarters would have long been finished.

I think the time has come to put the RACE card on the table, I know when Trini have to deal with this topic they close up like "tee-ma-wee" but lets get it out of the way.

If I had to answer this question off the bat I would say that other cultures realize that there is no money to be made from it, plus they have leaders telling them it is better to beat the books. but nobody ask meh so I"ll just  shut meh mouth.

This could be contributing factor in the downward spiral of the Steelband.

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A lot of it may be the perception of pan as not a TnT thing but a black, Laventile instrument. Check out Sat and his approach to pan in his schools. The Gov't is making in optional for use of pan in primary schools....a load of crap I say. Once it is on the curriculum. not one has a choice. This is supposed to be out national instrument. If pan was invented in Barbados.....don't you think that every school would have a pan side? If it was on the curriculum of at least primary schools, I am sure you would have a lot more indians, chinese, white in the pan yard.

Who is the Manager of Republic Bank Exodus?

That is one.

Who has Renegades where they are today? Dr. Jit. (That is two).

If there is no money to be made from it, why is everyone so concerned about the President and 'whey de money gone"?

Anyway, your question? Are you talking about Indians playing pan,  or running  Pan Trinbago?

Patrick,  from playing pan to running the affairs of pan and this goes for Syrians, Whites and Chinese.

I think the question should include all races or people, not only in Trinidad but all over. The panmen are to blame for this as over the years no attempt was made to standardize the pan as most instruments worldwide are. If this was done thirty years ago pan would be universal as anyone from any country could walk up to a tenor for instance and play a tune as they do with other instruments. We could have been exporting pan to all countries and only then could you put steel pan on all curriculum in schools so children( pupils )  can move from primary to secondary and play any pan orchestra that the given school has in it's possession. As an old pan player I had this problem in the fifties when I upgraded my tenor and had to start all over learning the position od the notes on the newer instrument.


Tixy, like every other endevour, you have to make Pan make money. I am sure if ANY OTHER race of people( Indian, Chinee, French Creole, Syrian) had what WE have in our hands, they would be far richer off than who we are with the Pan today. Over fifty years of Pan and The HEADQUARTERS on PRIME LAND is an eyesore on a main highway for everyone to look at? Come on Trinbago, we can do much better than this. IS THIS WHERE PAN REACH? 

Sorry, I mean Fixy, my apology.

What a racist statement, Bertel Gittens. If tassa was from the African race, we would have had it talking (talking drum) or singing (steel drum) by now. It has NOTHING to do with money, because they are involved in the parts of the industry that has money in it, like "steelpan apps". You are right, though, MONEY is ALL that matters to "ANY OTHER race". That's due to lack of the God-potent melanin, that make us human and not animals that will kill (including their own family, like Dole Chadee did), commit suicide (remember "the Indian Solo") for "love" and "love of money", or enslave, kill, rape, torture and steal from people (like the "Trinis" who are descendants of plantation owners). I agree, Africans are "spirit", not "material". Hope you are able to take ALL you accumulate with you, when your time comes, my colleague. And, I hope you come to recognize your racist comments for what they are: racist comments. Hopefully, you are not a racist, and have the humility to recant this offensive statement. Then again, it really does not matter to me; it is your spirit that is affected, not mine. Shem Em Hotep, my friend.

GHOST - Who Knows Racist Words When He Sees Them.

Black Stalin has a calypso 'Sufferers". In this tune he refers to poor people and everybody so is where the next meal coming from. I know of those days in Fullerton village Cedros where one of my mother's best friends was an old Indian Lady named Marajin she came from India at age 12 years. Also in Los Gallos village Cedros where one of my best friends Mohan Badree and his parents and siblins lived. When they milk the cow they sent milk for us, sometimes we took crabs for them, we had plenty . I played with them whole day.

In 1972, the price of oil went up, the New York Times printed an article saying, The amount of money which was circulating in T&T, every Trinidadian could have been given a Mercedes Benz. I always remember that, and with that the attitudes came. Who was better than who: Who had bigger houses and bigger cars. Then came the Drugs and the guns. everthing started to BOOM and all man rat found they own hole. The rest is history and Politics One could even mention the name Indian because it was offensive. I stopped going to the Oval when India was playing against the West Indies, because i nearly get in ramble for talking about "them Indian", I thaught i was in South Africa.



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