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This question was asked by another member in a discussion, I found it to be a good question so I am putting it out to all.

Kurt Allen said that he is going to tackle RACE in his next song, another member mention that if PanTrinbago had East Indians and Serians in it  the Headquarters would have long been finished.

I think the time has come to put the RACE card on the table, I know when Trini have to deal with this topic they close up like "tee-ma-wee" but lets get it out of the way.

If I had to answer this question off the bat I would say that other cultures realize that there is no money to be made from it, plus they have leaders telling them it is better to beat the books. but nobody ask meh so I"ll just  shut meh mouth.

This could be contributing factor in the downward spiral of the Steelband.

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cecil i am trying to get the gist of this, here is a question which arranger has the most victories in panorama, who are the two south arrangers who won panorama, which business man took a steelband on an extensive world tour lasting a number of years, my understanding about the 55 gallon pan was that one of the first persons to use one was an indian fella from tunupuna, on tunapuna amongst the top ten longest managers to hold their post is aan indian fella called anslem mohammed, as far as pan Trinbago it depends on who shows intrests in it,it is a union don't ask me to get into the politics of that (a long story not race related) lets just say as one bad one goes another will take his place, note there are also no women also and the female fraternity is growing in the pan business,I already buss a song bout race I only sang it once in Orlando carnival, it went over so well I feel I'll wait till I record it to sing it again, here is the name "NO more colie again" am not telling the idea,as far as the question at the top my answer is just look around

Who is the Leader of Skiffle - the band from Coffe Street, San Fernando?

junia regrello and he is coco spanish i think

pan's biggest enemy, used to be the police in the earlies, now, it is the pan people themselves, especially the trini pan people, the frontish ones , the ignorant ones, the chupidies, the thieves ( and in Trinidad it have plenty) the arrogant ones, whilst we bicker amongst our selves , who fights down who, who subverts who etc, the quacks and invalids are making a joke of the national instrument, on the outer world (not their fault) drawing big money, getting huge grants to keep pan as a magaritaville pastime with a barefoot panman with a pan round he neck, wearing a tattered pants below a coconut tree whilst three people dance limbo, I'll leave this talk right here, indian no indian, syrian whatever, makes no difference untill steelbands in trini think outside the box and stop accenting just panorama or the next competition, forget pan Trinbago, network the planet, form companies, talk to heads of states education boards, etc, challenge the government (whoever they are) to market the thing right, pan is saturated in TnT, word is out the educators and governments know where pan from, get UWI    to offer courses to train pan teachers properly, I am going to sleep now so long, help me some body work with me on this


CECIL, there are many of these people involved in pan ,more than people on this forum can imagine.Some may say they are a bit low keyed. For example there is an indian band Nana Samgana in St. Augustine which toured India and were guest artiste at a Steelband festival at the Stadium.The majority of their music was indian music of course. There is an all Chinese band assisted by Franco Siu Chong, CEO of Excellent stores and they practice in Woodbrook. There are steelbands among the "whites" as they are referred to , as you have an orchestra in Dunross school and the American International school in Westmoorings,plus you have in some of the prestige schools in Dundonald and Pembroke streets (both primary and secondary) and among the prestige schools Holy Name, Bishops, and the St.Joseph's convents you have steel orchestras with a mix/blend of the races, so you do find the chinese, whites and indians in there.You see a mixture in Phase 2 and there is another indian family group apart from the Samaroos(I can't remember their name) who are doing well out there.There was also the Raymond family (indian) who left here and toured. Raymond senior is now based in Canada runs a business on Eglington and still does gigs.I have worked with some of these groups and did private business with members of the others.

The indians are not taking on Sat Maharaj with his beat book instead of pan stupid talk.

Gerard, thanks for bringing me up to speed but anyhow you spin this thing the steelbands fail to attract other races.

East Indian race, are descendant of the original East Indian, they are Trinidadians by birth, and now mingling and interacting with their Trinidad heritage. So I applauded them for taking part in Trinidad matters. 

Coruption is the rule not the exception. Afra Raymond explains:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq3TQoMjXTw

I heard what everyone is saying but in all honesty can you say  the people playing pan in T&T is a true reflection of the population? there are more Afros beating tassa than Indians and other races playing pan.

A better answer to this question would have been there have never been a study to determine why the steelband fail to attract other races, other races are well represented in all other walks of life in T&T.

 When you have a murder rate of  79-80 people in 60+ days it is time to start asking the hard questions.  How many of the people murdered are from "other races"

Eustace you have the understanding of the New Visionaries, your comments have shown great depth.

Trevor Cooper

It has become abundantly clear that some pan players want to play with the winning bands which are all in north Trinidad with the exception of may be 3 bands, as a result many bands are suffering from the lack of players. The winning bands want the best. This thing about players playing for more than one band does not help. I personally get more excited with small bands and single pan bands. I was surprise to learn the National Steel Symphony was disbanded by the current government. The initiative to educate young people in music with pan and conventional instruments is no more. Site Bird Song, they started a similar program and continue to educate interested students. As someone already said the government from the beginning showed no respect to Pan and continue to do so, site Bertie Marshall  situation. Pan is a gift to the world from T&T and it is embraced by many countries. I saw some young Indian players in Skiffle and a sprinkling in some north bands. Johann Chuckeree is an outstanding player in the elk of Dwayne Gullston. Yes, Pantrinbago should be headed by business people. Trinis have many things happening in their culture. Kess, 3 Canal, Bunji, Marchel have huge followings and Pan takes ah back seat. None of their followers are members of our Forum. Race is definitely apparent in T&T. It is obvious when a government of one race is in power the previous government of the  other race is replaced and they go to the trough like their predecessors and make questionable changes. Izapanlover.

The Ganges done meet the Congo.  The waters done mix up.  We can't turn back time.  Done with all this RACE talk.


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