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Where is the Junior Panorama? Zero coverage!! Outrageous! Who is responsible?

Veteran steelpan music song writer and educator Mark Loquan raised the valid question about the lack of information on and visibility -any at all - of the Junior panorama in Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Loquan has consistently championed music education in schools.

Today was the finals of the Junior Panorama, yet based on the total apparent lack of live media coverage  - certainly online, on any Trinidad & Tobago radio outlet, or tv station - one would never know that.

Every year the coverage of the Junior Panorama has gotten worse.

This is a classic case of mixed-up priorities.There is nothing more important than the youth. In this regard, Pan Trinbago and the Trinidad and Tobago government have failed the youth miserably.





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Will the people responsible for this blunder please wake up. if we do not show appreciation to our young people when they do good things then we will continue to lose them. Stop neglecting the youth of the nation. 
This isn't actually a blunder.  It was not even 'pre-meditated.'  In reality, there was no 'thought' or regard for the Junior Panorama at all.  But this is nothing new.  The Junior panorama is never really promoted. There're no big bucks in it, and no one is held accountable for the lack of focus on it.  Same-o, same-o.  I feel for our young pan players; such a sad lack of encouragement.
Total disrespect for our culture and the youths.I have been searching on the net and television whole day to see if any coverage for us to see.To me this is the worst in media coverage, imagine they are giving us coverage on interviews in fete.Shame  I say on you all.I'm not going to carnival fetes again,those days of Soca Village,Nurse's Fete and the real Brass O Rama when brass bands played was real fete.When this season starts I love my pan and the track is the real thing to hear sweet pan music.

We dont love and understand the value of your culture and I am also adding sports on that list.

Well said Mark. You just also write a song about the way the youths who are the future of the Steel Pan are treated. 

For the past few years the children Panorams has been seen from the moment of the first note and it has been a joy to watch. I have never missed a children/schools panorama. The station that is supposed to be the CARNIVAL station so far has been more interested in the showing of fetes. It is utterly disgraceful when a TV station that is supposed to be government owned ignores the youth and what is their offering to the culture

We wonder why there is so much crime in this country, but if we ignore the children who are striving to keep themselves good  while those who are committing crime get the attention of all even if it is negative, the fact remains that the message sent is being good counts for nothing.

Can the minister of culture and the education tell us if this is the way the Pan in schools programme is going.

World governing body of what!!!??? If they are not interested in their own youth music, would they be interested in the diaspora's love for the music?
As far as I am concerned, the media and the powers that be still have no respect for pan. None of these so called "culture crazy" advocates were able to bring on the internet the Junior Panorama, or the semi finals of the Single Pan competition. But every where you turned on the net, TV or Radio, you could find one or the other, soca or kaiso competiton. Saturation to the max. I always thought that I came from the land of Steelband and Calypso. Maybe I was dreaming. Spoiler.

This is where the Gypsy should have put the peoples 2 million.  Invest in the young people. Invest in the future.



The media and Pantrinbago needs to give the youths a chance for the world to see them also, at the end of the day they are part and future of carnival.

Yesterday I searched every Radio station, every TV station and NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,What was important to the the programmers? Foreign crap,Stupid Fetes that we don't want to see, re-runs etc. Nothing Positive.

The Youths of the nation doing something POSITIVE what do they get "DISREPECT" I fed up with this crap.

To the head of Pantrinbago SHAME on you and don't tell me anything about is not we fault.

To the minister of culture 2 million for white olk and water , Crap. Coverage of the schools Panorama was More important and added value to culture. SHAME on you.

To the management of CCMG SHAME on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the minister of Education, the coverage would have cost less that the laptops. SHAME on all of you.

If any of those children were doing anthing negative it would have made all Media. You are saying to the youth that they don't matter and that their positives means nothing to you. SHAME.

Rather than change we got exchange


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