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WHEY PAN GONE??? ALLYUH BETTER WAKE UP and smell the coffee which is being served at 8:15 AM

NSSBE Inaugural Conference: Saturday, March 10, 2018

The National Society of Steel Band Educators will host its inaugural professional conference on Saturday, March 10, 2018 on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The conference will be open to members only, with registration available until March 5th. 

The conference will feature select presentations by leading experts in the steel band idiom. Sessions will follow a variety of formats, including demonstrations, panel discussions, clinics, and performances. NSSBE Steering Committee members, Mike Greer and Mike Wendeln, will serve as conference co-chairs.

Make plans to attend now, and be a part of history as NSSBE hosts its first professional meeting! Registration costs are $60 for regular NSSBE members and $20 for student NSSBE members. Sponsors need not register as they already have paid for registration for the conference (for one person) through their sponsorship. Brandon Haskett will be contacting each the sponsors regarding attendance and booths.

Here is a partial hotel list for the NSSBE conference.


The conference will run from 9AM-4:30PM.  Here are links to maps for the university and the Marcum Center:

Marcum Center: First Floor Plan

Campus Map:

A muffin and coffee will be provided in the morning and a deli buffet is included for lunch. These are included in the cost of your registration.

Session descriptions, times, and locations are listed below.

Coffee and Pastries

8:15AM-9AM in Room 180-186

Welcome Session in at 9AM / Exhibits and Vendors open from 9AM-4PM in Room 112


Hands-On Trinidadian Engine Room Session

9:15AM in Room 108-110

Presenter: Dave Longfellow, Director of the Virginia Rhythm Arts Project

This interactive session will focus on expanding the performer and/or director’s knowledge of percussion styles common to the “Panorama-style” steel band through an examination of engine room techniques common to the Trinidadian steel band. The session will explore various approaches to instrumentation and rhythmic grooves with regard to typical musical styles such as soca, calypso, kaiso, and Latin. In addition, Longfellow will demonstrate advanced techniques for steel band drumset players, including how to direct or control the band from the drumset, “drilling,” and other helpful concepts that are useful in improving a band’s sound. 


Touch and Sound: Practical Elements of Steel Pan Performance

10:30AM in Room 108-110

Presenter: Victor Provost, George Mason University

In this session, pan artist, composer and educator Victor Provost will offer his thoughts on how best to approach playing steel pan instruments. Provost will offer tips for developing proper steel pan technique, discuss the importance of effective sticking choices, and demonstrate short, effective exercises designed to increase proficiency. He will also address the impact of dynamics on ensemble playing, and explore best practices in steel pan performance, based on his years of experience in the idiom.


LUNCH (11:45AM in Room 180-186)



12:45PM in Room 108-110

Moderator: Dr. Brandon Haskett, Saginaw Valley State University


Patty Dee
Matt Dudack
Emily Lemmerman
Ed LeBorgne

This panel discussion will provide an opportunity for experts in the field to address questions relating to steel band pedagogy or other topics of interest within the steel-band idiom. Topics include pan growth in the US, steelpan education resources and pedagogy, pan industry happenings, as well as discussing what NSSBE can do to help further pan teaching in the US.

Integrating Brasilian Percussion Instruments Into the Engine Room

2PM in Room 108-110

Presenter: Dr. Jason Koontz, Eastern Kentucky University

Steel band directors may encounter Brasilian musical styles such as samba and bossa nova in the pan repertoire, yet they may have little knowledge or experience in how to deal with Brasilian percussion instruments. This hands-on session will explore traditional techniques and rhythms used for Brasilian percussion instruments, with a discussion on how to integrate these instruments into your steel band engine room.


Performance: Victor Provost with Miami University Steel Band and Special Guests

3:15PM in Room 180-186

Presider: Dr. Chris Tanner, Miami University

The 2018 Conference closes with a performance featuring Victor Provost along with members of the Miami University Steel Band, as well as special guest musicians Rusty Burge, vibraphone; Michael Sharfe, bass; and John Taylor, drums. The performance will include repertoire from the steel band idiom, along with jazz standards performed by Provost and the guest musicians.

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In 1981 there were only five university affiliated steel band ensembles in the U.S., all of which were found in the Midwest region of the United States. Between then and now,  there has been a rapid expansion of the ensemble throughout the U.S. reaching record numbers in the late NINETIES. Currently in the United States there are over 120 steel band ensembles within collegiate programs alone. Counting all bands, including primary schools and high schools and community groups, the estimated number is now 1,000.

And this does not include the PAY FOR PLAY BANDS that you can find on GIG MASTERS.


So Claude

Ya boy Rolly Polly and De Photo and the big mouth PRO don't have anything to say?


So the colonizers are back. Looks like they are not taking any prisoners this time around.


The "Mecca" gorn to America long time, buh is "we ting". Trinidad should send the Minister to learn sumptin 'bout pan.

"The conference will feature select presentations by leading experts in the steel band idiom."

And all this time I thought that all the LEADING EXPERTS was from TRINIDAD!!!

Like people on this forum have been FOOLING ME for years with OLE TALK!!!

Claude they sure fooled you.

Wow... dey not even rent a "leading expert from Trinidad & Tobago"...


Meanwhile, back in the MECCA, where all the PAN EXPERTS reside, if you look at the PAN TRINBAGO WEBSITE (THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF PAN) under UPCOMING EVENTS -- you will see BLANK SPACE.


This is about Pan in America, free of Panorama...

Cecil has any of these people ever produce students on the level Aquil Arrindell,  Merle Abino, Dr, Dawn Batson, Merrytones, Barry Manette, Selah, or Vanessa Headly and her mom has. This meeting is nothing but affirmative action by the colonizers for the colonizers.  Why didn't they call on real educators to learn how it's done?

Big up to the real educators.

Why didn't THEY call on real educators? Who is THEY? The "colonizers" taking "we ting" and showing "we", the owners, what to do with "we ting". The "colonizers" are showing us the value of "we ting".

Well, what I got from this is that 'we eh ready'. Red, yeah but not reddy, eh?

Ah wonder if we ever call Dr. Dawn to adjudicate sumptin?

WE just fulla "we ting" and "OLE TALK".

This ting is a business, in a business sense. In the "Mecca?", it is busyness in the wrong direction.

Nice post Mercer Ramdoo, this is exactly how I feel.


I don't have any real interest or expectations about what the colonizers are about.. They will do what colonizers do - it is their nature. However, I do expect those in Trinidad to now behave in a manner that makes them look intelligent.



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