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Which Steel Band Arranger has been with a TRINBAGO band the longest

in the NBA basketball Jerry Sloan of the UTAH JAZZ has been the longest coach with the same team which steel band arranger presently hold that spot??????

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i would say smooth except for his ten year hiatus, so my guess would be pelham and exodus with clarence morris and tropical angel harps second...
let see it is not smooth because boogsie started to arrange for phase II in 1972 mas in may and smooth was not even arranging for all stars yet. but he let ray arrange for the band for two year he started back in 1995 1996 so that is about 14 years 4 arrangers has been at the helm longer than14 years with the same band JIT PELHAM ,WINSTON GORDON & CLARENCE MORRIS will have the answer SOON
what about jit samaroo and amoco renegades!
Does the time have to be for consecutive years or is it for the total amount of time with one band?
I would say Jit and Renegades...no doubt..
yes for total amount of years it would have to be jit. but if we're talking about the longest running (in consecutive years) and CURRENT arranger i would say pelham... smooth was gone from 1989-1997, and boogsie 1994-1995... whereas pelham from 1989 to current.
yes pan jumbies the answer to the question asked is LENNOX BOOGSIE SHARPE of PHASE II 1972 untill now 36 PAORAMA
correction boogsie first panorama was 1973 MAS IN MAY
if its just panorama its boogise but if otherwise it's robert greenidge he has been with despers since in the sixties
pratrick its just panorama
I know you posted the question, but it did not say panorama, The question asked "Which Steel Band Arranger has been with a TRINBAGO band the longest/"
I love these discussions, they should really be taking place by a bar (rumshop) on the Avenue.

Just to set the scene.


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