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Which Steel Band Arranger has been with a TRINBAGO band the longest

in the NBA basketball Jerry Sloan of the UTAH JAZZ has been the longest coach with the same team which steel band arranger presently hold that spot??????

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robbie did not arrange in despers in the sixties, and momo check your question again, there are arrangers who were arranging in the sixties till now , and correction boogsie arranged for birdsong and tropical angel harps before Phase II, Robbie arranged for other bands in the 60's, there are some unknown with very active arrangers, next time ask the right question momo
Applewhite the question was Which arranger has been arrangering panorama music for the same band the longest in trinbago, correction to the question asked
well some body rub off part of your question
Neville Jules Trinidad All Stars
Hi Kenneth are you from Fyzabad?

A king
from the top of my head, i will say "jit samaroo" for panorama,and "neville jules" as the overal longest.
now the next part of the question should be the word active, jit was arranging before but boogsie caught up when Jit got inactive
don't forget Beverly Griffith


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