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Ghost you now crossover - How should I address you going forward George Goddard Jr or George Goddard 1 - the future of pan as a business, is an on-going process to follow, the current pantrinbago are LAME-DUCTS and have no political clout, a new up-dated Act of Parliament and a strong board of directors going forward - after the court of appeal give the verdict, the election will take place  - you and sidd and a few other WST members take the conversation to the next level - Pan Trinbago & the Govt of the day have to sit down and plan for the panman. 2014 would be a very interesting year for the pan in TT

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Gavin: You are trusting the courts to solve ALL the problems of the Visionaries. You and I agree on many many things (including the YELLOW PARTY CARD) but the courts are not the be all and end all.

Diaz got many more trump cards up his sleeve; so I do not see the Visionaries taking control in 2014.


Claude since in George Goddard Sr. days in the pan struggle their were fight-down to move the steelband movement forward. Today is no difference with the fight-down - all this mess with PanTrinbago would settle in courts & parliament soon. The election campaign going into 2015 General Election PanTrinbago would be an ISSUE.




* ACT OF PARLIAMENT 5, of 1986 (amended)


* etc

It does not matter who win the election Visionaries or current Administration - JUST HAVE THE ELECTION...and lets move on....


Kamla said that they were going to complete the  headquarters how come no one is reminding her of that promise she made.

We are SHOO SHOO people we have to HOLD the Govt ACCOUNTABLE - remind the ELECTORATE & Kamla about the false promises - 2015 is General Election - STOP the SHOO SHOOING and act...

The SHOO SHOOIN brings awearness, it's the people in the Mecca that have to do the acting.

We are in the INTERNET age and the POLITICIANS afraid of social media you do have to be living in the Mecca (TT) to ruffle feathers - if we STOP the SHOO SHOOING and address the ISSUES the pan business would take off "THAT IS THE REALTY"....LEAVE OUT THE PARTISANS POLITRICKS.....

Cecil: Everybody getting big POST in the new WST Mecca Initiative. I hope George knows that you deserve an overseer role in this STEELBAND CYBER REVOLUTION.

Claude, you are SO right about that! Mr. Hinkson is one of the voices on WST, who clearly "sees the plot...". Again, I hope that whomever would like to be involved, let us know, and let us know what part they would like to play. I was only making suggestions, and did not want to make all of them.

That said, I think that we all have a role to play, and we are all playing those roles. I appreciate your role. Keep in mind that you were the one who called for "Diaz to go". That IS change/revolution, my colleague, and that call was made in cyber space. You also assigned me a position (to write a letter), so I understood that you were in control of the "STEELBAND CYBER REVOLUTION".

All jokes aside, I see us (WST) as already having started a "cyber revolution".I am suggesting that we take it to the ground. Ground zero. To join minds and begin to implement some of the ideas we've all shared in "cyberspace".

Finally, my friend, I have NO intentions of being an "overseer" of anyone or anything. The very word crawls my blood, as it reminds me of the slave plantation. Pan Trinbago needs overseers; I don't. I understand "leadership"; that a leader's only mission should be to create other leaders. A leader is not a manager, and does not have to look over anyone's shoulders. A leader does not give orders from the comfort of cyberspace, but is ready, willing and able to roll up his or her sleeves, and dig into the trenches. That's what I understand "leadership" to mean; being ahead of the pack, not behind the pack. Or away from the pack.


My only problem with this whole initiative is that now I have to call you MR. GEORGE. Just for the record, I was nominating Cecil for the OVERSEER job.

And just to let you know that after this whole thing pans out -- I coming to get ah WUK too,

Alright, pardner. lol. Yuh make meh laugh fuh de nite. Peace, bro. Ghost.

Also the Nigerian Pan Factory???????????????

Hi Garvin, thanks for the props, sir. George or Ghost is fine by me. (Call me anything...just call me. lol.) I think we are about to show BOTH Pan Trinbago AND the Government just how powerful, resourceful, and influential we (WST) are. In my opinion, the POWER of steelband and pan, resides in WHEN STEEL TALKS! I bet that they will SOON start listening, if they are not doing so now. Foolish of both, to not take this forum and its members seriously. The first one that does, WINS! ☺

Great day to you, sir.

Ghost Who You Can Call By Any Name. He's just as sweet...or is that bitter? lmao! (Love you guys and gals!!!)


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