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WHOA DONKEY!!! How yuh could take a band that win SIX CONSECUTIVE TITLES and then run them down to 11th place?

This is PAINFUL to listen to this song ONE MORE TIME but when yuh partying hard while listening to the PANORAMA yuh does miss ah lot. On the other hand the COMMENTATORS said that the DONKEY forget it was a DONKEY and take off like ah RACE HORSE.

Ah living ah real hard life these days, ah just CYAR trust nobody no more.

Ah trust TRUMP (what ah disaster); ah trust the 49ers coach (real concussion); ah trust Biden (he fall by the wayside); and to add insult to injury (ah trust KENDALL WILLIAMS and real BIG UP the man and he turned out to be the BIGGEST BUST of all. Hell, anybody could have taken 20 past PANORMA SONGS and listen to them and then do a little cut and paste -- the way PROFESSOR PHILMORE used to do -- and stitch a better arrangement together than KENDALL WILLIAMS).

Anyway, out of duty I have to give this song ONE LAST LISTEN!!!

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United Sisters - 'Whoa' Donkey

Viewing their performance could've helped provide some inspiration in his aspiration...

Where's the VIBE? Some HEAVY BASS JAMMIN coulda help.

Where's Bradley when yuh need him...

Deltones - Horner Man Crying

2004 Steelband Panorama
Arranger: Carlton Alexander

Terrible tune of choice.  I hope they give him another chance to redeem himself. He should have went with Dear Promoter.



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