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There are over 15,000 registered members on this forum!!! If we get 10,000 members to put up $2 each we could MOST DEF produce a PAN CD beyond anything that has ever been produced before. And we have a built-in market. If 5000 members buy the CD at $10 each we can go right back to the studio and try again until we get it right.

The WST staff is extremely knowledgeable about music as they have often pushed me to listen to the latest and the greatest and the "bestest". They can make a major contribution in terms of content and contact.

Among the silent non-posters I am sure that there are people with critical connections to the industry. Even me, I have access to very talented music producers.

Of course defining the product will be a bitter battle. But we can work through that. Most people think that the PAN PLAYER is the key element. I disagree! I think that RECORDING THE INSTRUMENT is the biggest challenge as I have often hinted on this forum.

Cecil Hinkson is in charge of this forum!!! So I would encourage him to take the lead here and let us DO SOMETHING FOR PAN!!!

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I  don't know who is in charge of the forum, it most certainly is not me but I like your idea, you have my $2.

Dat go be big fight, boy. You want Boogsie and Freddy Harris 3 (both of whom I consider acrobats on the PAN and not MUSICIANS) but we will have to work it out. The money goes into an escrow to start. And we doh want Keith Diaz as a trustee, for sure!!!

Why yuh doh want Diaz? yuh cyah trust  ee.   lolol

That was funny! But we could go with Lillian's suggestion.


Better yet, lets use the money to produce a LIVE Pan show in T&T and then produce a CD of the show?? Claude, you would get $20. USD from me NOW to bring off this one. Lets show them ......... how to produce Pan shows in T&T, the Mecca.

Bertel: That is a much better idea than mine. We should keep developing your idea on the forum. I will get back to it.

I like this idea I have my two dollars ready,but we must remember the recordings that are going to be use,will some of the profit goes back to the bands and the players in some good way  to up lift this wonderful instrument.God Bless.

Claude, you must be a genius in hiding. What a clever idea. When you starting the collection? I ready with my contribution. 

Okay!!! We will get Bertel Gittens to set up the account in Trinidad. And we have to find a simple way to get the contributions into the account down there. Let me see if I can work out some details. Or if some reader on the forum is associated with a bank down in Trinidad,

Lord have mercy!!! Allyuh know how hard it is to work as a team? Especially from LONG DISTANCE. Merrytonestothebone done want his band to close the show and I am sure that Mr. Oswald Alexander feel his band have to get a couple songs in. And Bertel is the biggest Boogsie fan in the world so he want Boogsie to do a solo and I want EXODUS to be on stage because that is meh family band ... and on and on is big argument.

On the upside, if we can pull this off we can really get some good wheels in motion. So let's keep the ball bouncing. Thanks to all the posters who jumped in so eagerly to support the idea.

Ain't have nothin out  dey for $2 no more.

Claude, its better to use the Unit Trust to open an account rather than a bank. I am suggesting to register a Non Profit Company with the name EXPATS & LOCALS FOR PAN (XL FOR PAN). I would like to nominate Mr. Valentine Young as the President. I have mentioned it to him about two weeks ago and I am still awaiting his word of approval. I am willing to do some of the groundwork in the Mecca. Claude, you can inbox me please?

You have my contribution as well which will be more than $2.00. This initiative will garner attention from Unit Trust so we can position them as a lead sponsor or better yet as an 'anchor' sponsor then all others would want to be in their league as sponsors.

If this is given sufficient time for planning, marketing for  soliciting sponsors and  aggressive advertising for ticket patrons,( home and abroad) the event could be a smash hit. I already love the name that Bertel suggested  EXPATS AND LOCALS FOR PAN-'XL for PAN.' sheer genius.  I am able to and will help with media advertising ( TV, Radio, blogs, newsletters  etc) to  the Caribbean peeps in my neck of the woods '-Massachusetts and New England states. We have the social media platform already in place so we have a good media base from which to begin.    

 Securing the non-profit status for the purpose of making the effort beneficial to pan players is excellent. Please don't forget to include the retired arrangers, tuners etc who now rely on the barely existent public assistance. Such a fund will be a God-send to these artistes who gave selflessly from their passion for music and love of the cultural art form -the pan.

Question : Is this intended to showcase bands alone or will it feature the many pan geniuses, star players, arrangers, tuners, etc. I did say showcase so you see where I'm going with the thought that this enterprise has the potential for resulting in a quality recording that can be used to seed  a powerful idea,  funding of humanitarian cause and movement for pan. CLaude you hit this one out of the stadium. Bravo.

You can inbox me if you need further clarification.


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