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Look at SOCCER!!!

Having looked at the journey for the next two matches, the task must be approached with the view of financing primarily, knowing fully well that the TTFA is seriously indebted to coaches who have done excellent work and have not yet been paid.

To add to this dilemma, the T&T Guardian reported on Thursday that a company is seeking a Court order to freeze the TTFA bank account, until a debt of over $1.2 million is paid.



Witness: I cashed $2m in cheques over two-year period and never worked:


Educator paid TT$34M by LifeSport for no work


Calypso and Steelband and Bobol is the CULTURE OF TRINIDAD ... so please give MR. KEITH DIAZ a break!!!

ALL AH WE TEEF ... let he who is without sin cast the first stone!!!

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Congrats Claude big brother...your best post in the last few months...According to the Grandmaster..."meh han' eh have hair"...


Ah see dey fire the SOCA WARRIORS coach, boy. But dem and America still ending up in a TIE FOR LAST.


dat kaiso is Trinidad personified...as de man say again..."all ah we does t'ief, but is the one who get caught...etc etc"...my further take on it is...we coming down hard on Diaz and co. but is ok for men to play for 10 bands in a competition...not so?...

Only small tief get catch. big tief live to tief another day.

The Arrangers arrange for more than one band and they get big money why not the small man. They waiting and waiting and still can't get their pittance.

Yes, TT has corruption, just as everywhere has its problems, many far larger than TT's:  the US has institutionalized racism, and Britain's colonial history was brutal, though not as brutal as Belgium's, and France is racist and so too is Jamaica. But only a Trinidadian has the cynical self-contempt to say that kind of disgusting stupidness: "All of we tief.". Keith Diaz has the leadership and care of the ailing steelband movement in his hands and all he can think of doing is lining his pocket. And you find that's ok because that is TT culture? Your attitude is the problem, not bobol but self-contempt.

The right thing is ALWAYS the right thing to do. In T&T, it seems that anything that is illegal is the accepted norm.

Former housing minister Desmond Cartey: “All ah we tief!!!”

Well here is the first big stone. One of many.

just because so many people are guilty of corruption and bobol does not make it right.

As far as I'm concerned the faster they go to jail the better.

This is why the country is where it is today.

People feel they can get away with anything and when others see them getting away with it, they are encouraged to do the same.

Not everyone is of that mindset and if in fact you think you are part of that cohort of thieves, then just turn yourself in and stop encouraging others to do the thieving that you did, but let them follow you straight to jail.

Don't try to include others in malfeasance with 'all ah we tief" nonsense. Thieves belong in jail...period.

Two wrongs do not make a right  !!!0

All ah we should go to jail. Ah bet we stop the teefing.


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