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Where is the Gypsy? Who is responsible?

Winston 'Gypsy' Peters head of the NCC deserves a good cutarse - the NCC is running carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, but their website is DOWN on Carnival Monday in 2019!



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What really makes me cynical is the way THESE PEOPLE walk around with such arrogance boasting about their ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS and taking credit for all they are ACCOMPLISHING IN OFFICE.

The Queen of Carnival did not get to showcase her costume last night because there was no crew on hand to clean the up floor after the last left trash on the stage. So the QUEEN on the sidelines for FOUR HOURS hoping begging and hoping for the stage to be swept before she could perform-- it never happened.

But on Ash Wednesday we will hear that THE CARNIVAL WAS A SUCCESS!!! And Lucas and Dolly and Gypsy will be praising each other on the GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Man, slight glitch in the system the site will be back up soon!!! Yuh want to make ah big deal out ah dat!!!

that's because they're all drunk and covered in oil and mud. And don't give a damn about expats or foreign viewers. If I had my way anyone in charge and involve in any promotions regarding Trinidad and Tobago failing to carry out their duties effectively and professionally must be treated as an enemy of the state and tried for treason. especially if it has a detrimental effect on tourism.

It appears that over the years certain individuals have been placed in jobs for which they are not qualified and rely only on the fact that they know someone and were given the job.

But hey! All countries went through this process during their development. Some are still operating that way, They have managed to get more sophisticated at presenting it.


They think they are "all that", hence the reason why they don't want to hear from expats and foreigners. They want no ideas or suggestions from foreigners. I've experienced it all.

Seems like their server crashed couldn't handle the internet traffic, totally unprepared for "prime time."

Square pegs in round holes, no business planning, total lack of training, every body acting...

Pink Panther - Acting


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