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This August, 2015, I participated in the International Conference and Panorama (ICP) in Trinidad and Tobago. During the conference I launched the World's 1st Electronic Steelpan 6 Bass (E-Pan). We received rave reviews from everyone present at the unveiling at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain, Trinidad. It was welcoming to see local pan enthusiasts embracing another addition to the steelpan family coming out of the NAPE, Inc./E-Pan camp. We also unveiled the version 3 of the Tenor E-Pan.

One of the things that stood out was when the Secretary of Pantrinbago, Richard Forteau said "Nobody can't say they did this before you". Another Pantrinbago official repied "... hummm ... they will find a way to make up or backdate some archive ... " I just smiled.

As we do our part to ensure that steelpan keeps up with technology, we are very proud to release version 3 of the E-Pan and the E-Pan 6 Bass prototype. Click here to see snippets of the unveiling https://youtu.be/063uT4DVjYw

I want to take this time to congratulate the ICP and the Secretariat for a fantastic event. It was a world class event that we as Trinbagonians should be proud of. I think that it should be held every 3 or 4 years to continue to show the world that Trinidad and Tobago and its are the leaders where steelpan is concerned. Every time it's held I'm sure it will grow from strength to strength improving along the way. The handling of the dignitaries was second to none. Unfortunately I was not able to be there for the opening and the 1st two days as I had prior commitments with the Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra in Scotland.

It would have been nice to see some of the contributors of this When Steel Talks forum submit papers to the ICP and present at the event. At the end of each presentation there is a question period where the audience is given a chance to ask questions (do some fact checking). Just some food for thought.

Salmon Cupid, Inventor of the World's 1st Electronic Steelpan

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Congrats...  Boom!!!

Your preference, but why settle for less than the best-by-test and most-by-toast???  Check with Harry Best and Mighty Jamma which e-pan they prefer since they first endorsed the panKAT???  Check the records disclosed to the IP lawyers and filed with the USPTO for the "Flash Of Genius" moment, you might be surprised from one so "young".

If steelpan music be the food of life for our panists, play on.  Just imagine Kobie in years to come.  The learning curve for novice-beginners and expert-professionals alike has been greatly reduced.

I was not expressing a preference. I was taking issue with this statement: "Salmon Cupid, Inventor of the World's 1st Electronic Steelpan" because it is NOT TRUE.

All I really care about is the MUSIC and I don't care where it comes from!!!!


Question: What year was the panKAT unveiled?

Question: What year was the Flash of Genius recorded as a Poor Man's Patent as logged and lodged with the IP lawyers who filed with the USPTO?

I got my panKAT in 2006 and I think the concept of a flat table is a very logical one. It can be any pan from bass to tenor and any instrument - that's what MIDI is all about.

E-pan has 13 octaves, from high-tenor to low-base plus, plus, plus +++




Try it, like many others you may like it...  ;-)

After watching this DEMONSTRATION, all the more reason why SALMON CUPID should put a six-man E-Pan band together (5 E-Pans and One acoustic tenor) and start touring the world exposing PAN MUSIC. Imagine five talented PAN PLAYERS on these instruments and one token REAL PAN. We can ROCK THE WORLD!!!

E-Pan, G-Pan, PHI Pan, PanKat, C-Pan, D-Pan, Over size Pan, Under Size Pan -- and ZERO MUSIC. Time to make some music for ALL THESE INSTRUMENTS.

Andre: Let me clear up one thing with you. I like Salmon Cupid. I think that is he the most dynamic and energetic and mannerly and ambitious and civilized PAN PERSON that I have ever met. I think he should be a GLOBAL AMBASSADOR for PAN.

So don't mix me in with his detractors and critics.

My position is that the PANKAT was developed right under my nose over a decade ago and then Dr. Copeland introduced his PHI PAN in 2007 and I think that the E-Pan followed around 2010.

Again, as far as I am concerned, E-Pan, C Pan, D Pan, G Pan, Double Tenor, Double Seconds -- all I want to hear is some PAN music that could be played globally (outside of the native pockets) coming from any member of that "PAN' family. One composition that could sell 200,000 copies and get played on radio and TV and a movie. With the producers making enough profit to go back into the studio and keep the pipeline open.  

I think that the Electronic Pan is best suited to deliver on that musical dream. But E-Pan or PHI or PANKAT makes no difference to me. Acoustic will do too when they figure out how to record them properly but even after that we need some musical composition skills.

So don't read my post and think that I am AGAINST Salmon. All I ask is that before he releases the music he should send me a copy for my "OUTTA AH THE CARIBBEAN BOX" evaluation.


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