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How can we expect to have any kind of relationship with this organization if we are hostile toward it's leader after just a few days. A little RESPECT could go a long way.

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There is no "WE" on WHEN STEEL TALKS. There are INDIVIDUAL VOICES!!!

And any politician would know who is FOR THEM and who is AGAINST THEM (for the most part).

You (Cecil) are very friendly to this organization so I am sure that if they want to have a relationship with you they would seek you out and establish one.

I could give you Beverley's email address if you want to establish that relationship!!!

I don't need Beverley email address, I was hoping things would be different with this new admin. but they are not going to take us seriously if their leader is not shown respect. [my opinion]

Claude,  Beverley asked me to share this calypso with you, she said this love/hate RELATIONSHIP can only get STRONGER in TIME to come, she say it's beginning to feel like is married life with yuh.

Some say LOVE is an abscess that grows in yuh head and buss in yuh ass...

Lord Nelson - Mih Lover

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