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Why am I seeing comments to a certain discussion is closed?  Lets not go down this road.

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Cecil which discussion is closed. WST has never closed a discussion.

Pan Times, there is a line that reads "Replies are closed to this discussion" in this post, TO CLAUDE GONZALES [de calypso lover] IS 2018 CHUTNEY UPSTAGING CALYPSO.

Cecil: Why yuh putting my name in BACCHANAL!!! Yuh know ah does make meh own BACCHANAL!!!

WST did not close this discussion. In fact, we never close discussions unless folks are loosing their minds.  That is something we have no time for or interest in. The only other person who can close a discussion is the original poster. We have opened the discussion. If it closes again there is something else going on beyond our control.

Thanks Pan Times.



Is yuh pardner who want to change the rules.

Cecil: Me and meh pardner going down like CRAB and CALLALOO. The man come and light up the forum like nobody ever did before. So let him run his postings the way he want to run it. The only problem I have with RUSSELL PROVIDENCE is that the ENGLISH LADY say that when she go to TRINIDAD for CARNIVAL she going and swim in MORIN BAY with RUSSELL. And that have meh ah little jealous.

But maybe ah could WRITE AH CHUTNEY about that!!!


Claude, Don't be hating.  It's all love, innit Aquil?



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