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WST Special - Bertie Marshall - The Steel Pan Visionary - The Film - Revisted

Bertie Marshall - The Steel Pan Visionary - The Film

Global - Steelpan pioneer and visionary Bertie Marshall is the subject of this film production by film maker, producer, director, pan man and steelpan historian Dalton Narine. This is a fifty-minute film chronicling the life work of the innovative Mr. Marshall and it is being shared with the global community on When Steel Talks in collaboration with Mr. Narine.
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Another masterpiece Mr.Narine. Keep up the great work. Great film. Thanks for sharing it with us. Bertie Marshall is one of the true geniuses of out time.

Thank you, Bugs. Much appreciation for your kind words.
Excellent documentary on the life, work, and achievements of a master.
Many thanks, Ken. The voice sync was a little off, but WST is working on it.
I must hold my hands up, I was one of those who criticized the sound when I first heard it. Simply because I was not aware of and did not understand what Bertie was trying to develop/achieve. Perhaps if he was allowed to suceed we would not be plagued by sound systems as we are today.
Ignorance is a SIN!

Very good film

It is incredibly outrageous that at this point in his life, if I understand the foreword from the film maker, that Mr. Marshall seems to be still tuning "to live." It is natural for him to remain active and creative by choice of course, but it definitely seems that if he does not work at this age, 74, he is in a bad place financially, stipend or not.

If this is the case, this is a travesty! For someone who is nationally recognized and internationally known, this is a shame in his "old" age. And he is not the only person in this situation, probably.


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