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Condolences goes out to the wife and family of Ronald `Pan -Am` Clarke.

Ronald is the brother of our WST member Kenneth Clarke ..my Condolences Kenneth. I am presently in Trinidad and I just can not believe this madness........ to think that Bandits would just come into a simple Man;s home to rob him  (on Independence night) and actual kill him for pittance. It is unbearable to accept this madness.

Well I don`t care who disagrees with this but I am in favor of bringing back Capital Punishment here in Trinidad...no one is safe anymore. It is so upsetting.

I personally know Ronald we called him 'Pan-am' after his elder brother Kenneth who was actually called Pan am (the legendary Pan Am North Stars.

Ronald and I had played in the original Flamingoes way back then and also played in Exodus......... I never heard this brother in an argument with anyone. He was a real easy going - easy to get along with guy and now had to meet such a terrible end in his own home in the presence of his wife........when you think about it it just gets you angry......Something has to be done about this senseless murders here in T&T.


Hang in there Kenneth, I know that he was a big help for you last Panorama with your succesful run with Tamana Pioneers..best wishes and again my sincere Condolences




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This is so sad, I can't take it anymore,  what has become of people in this world, this is madness.


My condolences to the family and friends as well. These murders, not only in T&T, are senseless and utter madness. Bring back the CAT, public floggings and the hangman. Let  these heartless criminals know and see that no mercy will be given to them. It is safe for the bleeding hearts to talk about human rights where these evil people are concerned, but more concern should be shown for the families of these victims and the communities in which they live and the countries as well. The people protecting these murderous people should be dealt with as well. Our Caribbean countries are sick, and a good dose of tough love is needed.

My sincere condolences to Mr. Ronald Clarke and family. Salah, thanks for this information.


I extend my deepest sympathy to his wife and family and to his brother Kenneth.  I echo the sentiments of Salah Wilson.  This guy was such a loving and easy going person.  It is so difficult to comprehend this vicious attack on ordinary citizens.  We would surely miss him, for he was a regular guy who walked with us on mornings on the Eddy Hart Grounds in Tacarigua.  May he rest in peace.

Joseph Renaud,

Early Risers Athletic Club.


I totally agree. I've known Ronald literally most of my life. I can remember way back in my early teens when Ken and I were best of friends and we still are, Ronald would hang with us at times, he was the little brother. I will miss him sitting with me at Exodus pan yard in between practice every carnival that I am there. Ronald was a kind and simple fella, I can't remember seeing him mad at anyone. To here these "low life basters" do such a thing makes my blood boil. They are just cowards, not entitled to be called human beings. They are the scum of the earth. Yes the hang-man should me back. When they are caught they should be shown no mercy. They must pay with their sorry lives. Ken as I've told you before I am here for you, if not in person, I am there in spirit. God bless you and your family in this sad, sad time.  May Ronald R.I.P    Brian G.

Condolences  to the  family  of  Ronald, his brother  Kenneth  and  Exodus Steel Orchestra  from  all  members  of  the  Starlift  Steel  Orchestra.



I too regret "senseless killing", especially the banditry that now seems to be the norm in T&T, but sadly, bringing back the cat or capital punishment is not relevant as a soultion.  It has been done elsewhere (most notably in Nigeria after the Biafran civil war, to constrain postwar banditry), but didn't work.

The challenge is: how do you alter mad minds?

When computer training facilities were introduced in Laventille (years ago, duringManning's time), to provide free services in IT as well as a monthly stipend, guess who filled up the classrooms?  Can you seriously encourage a coke bandit making TT$5000 per month or more to assume the (old-time) workaday lifestyle?  This is the core of the problem.  It's like asking the Columbian FARC or cocaine farmers to stop producing/manufacturing goods that earn them millions in favour of growing pineaples and tomatoes.  Yes, this was actually proposed, and done!

Think about it!


Peter, you have shown the REAL problem, by hanging them the problem will not go away.  Many young people today are looking for the easy way, the million dollar question is, how can society convince them that the only easy way is getting an EDUCATION.

And as the weakness continues, an impressive percentage of people believe ALL these perpetrators are "fragile" as they have challenges in their lives. Who's live is without challenges? The first challenge to a perpetrator is their parents/guardians/neighbours/relatives/families/friends/acquaintances/associates, couldnt get them to be innately strong, wise, big, and truly educated that despite the most troubling circumstances, they make right choices....utilize their time wisely. There are too many excuses for the crap and other forms of indiscipline, sub-standard and mediocrity - at the home, church, school, workplace, in the streets, in the said panyards...every where!


It's from "no father figure" to "teenage mothers", to "beyond control" to "following friends to "human rights" to the "school/education system" to the "police" and the list goes on and on instead of letting people know the full blown consequences of irresponsible actions.


My sincerest condolensces goes out to both personal and pan family.

ENCOURAGE YOUNG PEOPLE TO MAKE A PAN, TUNE A PAN, PLAY A PAN, LEARN MUSIC and reap healthy financial rewards!!!!


My words of comfort...We all have to work this path of leaving earth for a place unknown. The light bulb's filament has caused the bulb to be discarded but the current is still there, unseen. The ship has gone beyond the horizon, unseen, but it's still there thus, he has gone beyond the horizon, unseen, but he is still here.

We can touch him spiritually and vice-versa. GOOD PEOPLE DON'T DIE!


Love and best wishes...be strong and keep the faith.

Pray for the weak, the helpless, the mindless!




I agree fully with the failure of family/friends/assoctiates etc. to have properly guided the young  lives that end up turning to desperation.  Even so, my main point to Salah was that draconian countermeasures just do not achieve their intended results.

I know it's frustrating for those in society who are not bandits and who have applied their education to fruitful pursuits, but that is exactly the problem you yourself have identified -- that this (generally) younger social demographic, for whatever reasons, has never acquired (nor utilized) opportunity.  And I am just as sympathetic to the frustration, but only realistic solutions can work.  How can the blind lead the blind?  In other words, how can those who themselves lacked a nurturing upbringing be expected to nurture their own young?


Peter nuff respect,

But please allow me to dis agree with you ....I strongly believe that Capital punishment in a society as T&T will work as a deterrent to change the course...however I do not wish to continue this discussion on this particular Post . It might just take away from the sympathetic time of this dreadful act committed to Ronald and the sadness and lost that is obviously felt by so many people . We may discuss that issue on another post ..I do not mind sharing my views my pros and Cons on the issue....but for this Post it is all about Ronald `Pan-Am`Clarke and his legacy and the memories of a good  honest and dedicated Pan Man and brother ..R.I.P. Ronald ..may you now find that peace........ and a prayer for his family


Salah my brother there in no better time to deal with this problem, people will understand that no disrespect is meant to Ronalds family. We have to engage people when they are angry, when the anger subsides so will the dialog.


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