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Yuh see CECIL HINKSON: A simple project like giving out 20 SCHOLARSHIPS -- and BEVERLEY manage to turn that into a NATIONAL SCANDAL and you want me to either STAY QUIET or HEAP PRAISE on her ...



Look man, I am telling you that BEVERLEY is WAY OUT OF HER LEAGUE in that job. And right now she is SPOOKED and experiencing a TOTAL LOSS OF CONFIDENCE. So what good can she do for PAN PROGRESS in that embattled state of mind. Plus, with all the PROSPERITY IN PAN big speech -- DOCTOR DOLLY tie up ALL THE PANORAMA MONEY and daring BEVERLEY to make BREAD without WATER and FLOUR.

And when THE BUTLER SCHOOL try and come to her rescue to help her build back a little leadership image -- she bungled that project so BADLY that she let RUSSELL PROVIDENCE come out of the bushes (Yuh know he is from EAST OF MACOYA ROAD) and pull out his AK47 PEN and start exposing all the INCOMPETENCE in the LEADERSHIP leaving BEVERLEY gasping for air.

But when ah give BEVERLEY some real good political advice and tell her to put her tail between her legs and go APOLOGIZE to DOCTOR DOLLY -- allyuh went crazy. But TRINIDAD is PNM COUNTRY so she either BOW DOWN to THE MINISTER OF CULTURE or PAN TRINBAGO will continue to eat the bread that the DEVIL KNEAD.

And since this is YOUR FORUM and you telling me what to write. Please tell RUSSELL PROVIDENCE that i don't want him attacking INGRID (my girl friend from LONDON) or Marcus Ash (my boy friend from TRINIDAD). And tell BEVERLEY to come on THE FORUM and EXPLAIN the whole SCHOLARSHIP DEBACLE and try to salvage her rapidly diminishing leadership image.

Ah hope no more SCANDALS doh come out of that administration in the next few days!!!

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Claude:  You do make me laugh

I know that I opened up a can of worms with the attire issue but I totally understand and respect Russell's opinion on the topic.

It's a sham that Beverley is not interested in what is said on this forum has to say about her leadership although I have a sneaky suspicion that she reads the comments.  We will just have to see how things "pan" out.

Gosh, how I love this forum .... it's my daily fix!


Ingrid, If Beverley were to address what's said on the Forum she won't have time to do Pan Trinbago work. Dealing with Claude is ah full time job----------------------------------------------------------------------lol

INGRID: Trust me; they read everything. Beverley even stole some of my ideas. But I eh worried, because after the way she MESS UP this SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM -- I am convinced that she CANNOT catch a FISH in a PITCH OIL PAN -- administratively speaking!!!

(Who is the ONE MAN on THIS FORUM who always complained about the LACK OF ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS?)

But right now she doh have me to study too much because she head HOT with PANORAMA!!! She know that once PAN PEOPLE hear the word PANORAMA dey brains does turn off and dey does catch MALKADEE. At the same time, the THA scraping the bottom of barrels to try to come up with the money for the TOBAGO PANORAMA.

The LAS VEGAS BOOK MAKERS are giving 5 to 1 odds on this TOBAGO PANORAMA -- NOT TO HAPPEN!!!

But, Ingrid, I am a little depressed because YOU like RUSSELL PROVIDENCE more than you like me and BEVERLEY and PAN TRINBAGO FRAID RUSSELL PROVIDENCE more than DEY FRAID ME. So MY STOCK real low on THIS FORUM.

And after 12 years of PATRICK ARNOLD and 9 years of KEITH DIAZ and 1 year of BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE -- PAN TRINBAGO is a DEAD ORGANIZATION. And anybody who thinks that BEVERLEY is saving the day is doing a DISSERVICE  to PAN. Hell, I will come right out and say that they are UNINFORMED.

Claude:  I'm very disappointed to learn that Beverley reads the comments on this Forum, especially as she came on the Forum last year n order to canvas for the Presidency.  Reading her mission statement, the contents of it do not reflect the reality of today. 

Only time will tell ....

Dearest Ingrid: BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE was the WRONG CANDIDATE at the WRONG TIME. We need a more TECH CONSCIOUS PRESIDENT in PAN TRINBAGO in 2019. And we need a PRESIDENT who could communicate with the OUTSIDE WORLD. And we need a PRESIDENT who is FAMILIAR with the SOCIAL CIRCLES in PORT OF SPAIN.

You know, like on SUNDAYS certain influential people in the society get together and have lunch and make a lime and discuss IDEAS BENEFICIAL to PAN and SOCIETY. If BEVERLEY was part of that circle she could walk out with the RIGHT INFLUENCE and get some things going.

But she has come from a very narrow channel and is only surrounded by BROWN NOSERS where she is the QUEEN OF SHEBA when in fact she is at a loss for ideas and lacks the connections to make anything work.

You can wait for time to tell -- but from the day that she decided to run ... time done tell me that she was GUARANTEED TO FAIL. And when SHE FAILS -- PAN FAILS!!!


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